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    Fonts on a NAS


      I'm trying to find out how to inform my good friend Adobe InDesign Server that I have fonts on a CIFS mounted share.


      To the best of my knowledge, InDesign will search, automatically, C:\Windows\Fonts, C:\...\Adobe Server 5.5\Fonts, \\remote\[document working folder\Document fonts\


      How do I go about telling it about additional font directories? At present, I have one, but there may be more, mounted or made available via networked shares.


      Is there some setenv() call I need to make? Some app.preferences setting?


      I eagerly await any authoritative reply.



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          To my best knowledge -- which, as far as InDesign Server is concerned, is *zero* -- InDesign uses all of the locally installed fonts, the ones in Adobe/Common/Fonts (not sure about that path), and the ones in InDesign/Fonts. These paths are hardcoded, there are no preferences or settings to change.


          Of course it may differ for ID Server, but a random search through its DOM does not reveal anything about font paths. So if it's there, it's not scriptable.


          Have your tried asking on the ID Server forum?


          (One of the things I wanted to try, jus' for laffs, is to see what happens if you put a *link* to a font file in one of the font folders. And what if the link points to a folder instead? Ah, but I'm too busy with Real World Work, no time to experiment...)