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    How do you mask text for this Effect (Link Provided)


      Hey guys...


      I am fairly new to Illustrator, yet, I have been doing alot of online tutorials,etc.


      One man has posted a tutorial online to which has helped me out a great deed! Though, he has befuddled

      me a-bit on Step.7...Where he mentions masking the text in order to get the effect that our text-piece has been

      chopped and looped between eachother.


      I have tried both Clipping Masking and Opacity Masking, yet, neither have been successful!


      (Here is the Link: http://abduzeedo.com/creating-crazy-cool-logo )


      Just thought I'd ask the professionals!


      Many thanks!


      - Joshua.

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          Monika Gause ACP/MVP

          Show us what you have and tell us, what exactly you have done to achieve this.

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            EricaLynneLarson Adobe Employee

            I would use the divide option in the Pathfinder.


            Here I have overlapping objects.


            Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 10.44.01 AM.jpg

            Select all the objects and click the divide button.




            Recolor the segments of the artwork to create the illusion of intertwining objects.


            Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 10.44.57 AM.jpg

            Select segments of the same color and "unite" them.



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              emil emil Community Member

              I checked step 7 from the tutorial but didn't read the rest. I don't see any reason for masking there, on the last image in step 7 all letters are behind each other except the third letter - its bottom is in front of the second letter. Next image in the tutorial in step 9 shows that this letter is split in four parts. For making it appear in front of the second letter and only its top behind, you need only the split part at the top that can be send behind the second letter.

              May be in the context of the whole tutorial mentioning masking is about something else in the other steps. I don't fell like reading the whole tutorial - I may fall asleep if it is not interesting


              @Erica, if I have to make your example I would simply  cut  each path and arrange the stacking order like the image below. I don't like cutting right on the intersecting edges because this makes very difficult eventual future adjustments. The right image shows the split parts of the paths with different path color.


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                Wade_Zimmerman Community Member

                TYhe artwork you posted in the link does not look like it has been masked it just looks like they are individual shapes or characters sitting on top of one another.