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    Combining FDF files into a single PDF

    Jon Pedder

      Problem: I have 9 FDF files that were generated using a python script from within a database. The all refer to a common template PDF form. When I open each file the data is correct for each one. I need to be able to combine the 9 files into a single PDF document (9 pages long). This isn’t a onetime task, so the process needs to be easily repeatable.


      Ii tried opening each FDF then saving them as PDF’s, the ODF’s all look correct, each files containing the appropriate data. This issue with this is once combined all 9 pages reflect the data from sheet #1. It’s as if I’ve just pulled in sheet #1 9 times.


      I’m very new to the FDF format and am a little confused as to why this is happening.


      Any help would be very much appreciated