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    DVD menu shows up, but will not go to buttons?




      I have been having some issues with my Encore project not working properly. Previewing the project in Encore, the project works fine, and all links are great. The issue seems to be when I burn to DVD or Disk Image, and go to play it back. My project consists of two still image menus, and eight time lines (with my video files). Again everything links up and works great in Encore's preview, but when burned to DVD or disk image only the first played menu appears, and freeze frames a one second.


      I am currently working in Encore CS6, and have tried resolving this issue by using another system that has uses Encore CS5.5.


      When I inserted the DVD of the burned project into DVD player/ Computer, only the first menu appears. No buttons are highlighted. It's as if the buttons are not active or something is not triggering to tell the menu to go to that button after the menu.


      Any help would be greatful.


      Attached is a screenshot of my flowchart:

      Screen shot 2012-08-07 at 5.50.03 PM.png