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    Pubilshing for Android and iPad


      I have to put a quote for a client together who wants to publish their magazine for all tablet devices out there. I have successfully managed to get a publication on to the iPad, but I don't have an Android tablet to run tests.

      So my question is: Is there a way to create one folio which will work for all tablet sizes (and shrink them accordingly where nexessary)?

      If not how do yuo approach such a project with the least possible effort and best possible outcome?


      Thank you

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          Himanshusingh10 Employee Moderator

          You can easlily publish content to Android using Renditions. Create a Folio for intended Tablet device, for example for 10 inch tablet, create a folio with 1232*752 rendition. To reduce efforts in designing, use Alternate Layout feature in Indesign CS6 to create multiple renditions.


          Some features like inline videos, pinch and zoom etc. do not work on android, thus take care to make necessary changes before publishing.

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            hoebbesss Level 1

            Thanks, I am on CS5.5, does this mean I have to create a folio for every screensize/aspect ratio out there?


            Is it true that Ipads scale any folios which are 4:3 down to the correct size as long as 4:3 and Android scales everything down no matter which espact ratio and letterboxes the ones which don't fit 100%? That could work for me as an emergency plan. Create a folio for iPad, then Android just shows a bit less perfect, but yet shows without scrolling on pages.

            Am I right here?


            Thanks heaps for your answer!

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              Himanshusingh10 Employee Moderator

              I've tested iPad folios on 10 inch Android Tablet and the folios display, however they do not accupy the full screen size (Due to diferrence in aspect ratios of devices), Android does scale the iPad folio, however it does not give out best user experience, but works anyway. In case you wish to go ahead and start publishing, you could do that for a start ( if you dont mind the folio not fitting the whole screen).