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    flash player

    Ronald1223 Community Member

      flash player is not working

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          pwillener ACP/MVPs

          Nobody can help you if you don't provide any information!

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            zippyhead123 Community Member

            i'm in the samr boat wont wok

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              pwillener ACP/MVPs

              Nobody can help you if you don't provide any information!

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                zippyhead123 Community Member

                sorry must of got erased but thanks for responding

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                  pwillener ACP/MVPs

                  Someone will help you if you proved some basic information: your operating system, version & edition, your web browser, and mostly: what means "wont work"?  We cannot see what's happening on your computer if you don't supply the information.

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                    sjc35 Community Member

                    can you help me with mine, as i cant seam to download any adobe flash player, 10.5.8 but i dont understand the ppc or intel, have i got one of these on my computer???

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                      chris.campbell Adobe Employee


                      This article will explain how to determine if you have PPC or Intel.  Let us know, then we'll go from there.





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                        Bonnienatalie Community Member

                        Hey, Chris, can you reply to a "flash player doesn't work" by Bonnienatalie?  I don't know if you've seen it.  Today is 8.7.12 & I posted my request for help today.  Thank you.

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                          jacktar51 Community Member

                          My flash player did work ...but now I cannot download the newest version...note comes up after downloading about 50%of newest version,saying newer version is already installed...how can it be newer than the latest version???? I am using windows 7 Internet explorer( 64 or 32)... I have deleted the previous installation in desperation, to see if that fixes the problem, and tried again...same message" newer version already installed" comes up after about 50% of "LATEST" version downloads.....need help with this problem,millions more people must have given up with this,but I'm the one in a million who just keeps trying,but in vain this time..... NEED HELP!!!!!!!.....Dave

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                            XXXAdobe Community Member

                            Windows 7, 32 bit have all system requirements.  HP notebook travels with me everywhere.  Never had problems before with Adobe products.  Now the same as Jacktar51's problem.  Also, get message,"You need to install flashplayer to open this program", or watch video", or open window".  As well as after I push Download from the website, then RUN, then message,"newer version already installed".  I have tried uninstalling and this is trying my patience.

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                              Grummster Community Member

                              I am having the same problem.  I am using Windows 7 64bit, and control panel shows I have the current version installed.  When I try to view certain internet sources, I get the message to update my Flash Player.  When I tried that the last couple of times, the download/install screen showed 50% completed and then got a message to exit MSN & Skype.  I did that but the program showed that MSN was still running.  I looked at Task Manager to see if it was still shown.  MSN was not running but I could still not install Flash Player.  What is the problem and how can I get Flash Player to run properly?

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                                Jeremy Ingham Community Member

                                I have the same issue on my iMac OS X 10.7.5.  When attempting to view tutorials on the Adobe TV site, it tells me I need the latest version of Flash Player.  The Flash Player info in System Preferences tells me version 11.7.700.169 is installed.  Can ayone tell me how to get Flash running so I can view the Dreamweaver tutorilas - or is there a better way for a novice to learn about this program?  Very frustrating when I buy an expensive product and am unable to get started by following the suppliers instructions - and then the supplier tells me this forum is the only support available for this particular issue.

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                                  Bonnienatalie Community Member

                                  This is SURE frustrating.  NO ONE from Adobe is watching because NO ONE who

                                  knows how to cure these problems is offering help.  I'm gonna call Adobe on

                                  Monday and complain.  Good luck, everyone!  IF you get any help, PL:EASE

                                  let me know!!


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                                    pwillener ACP/MVPs

                                    Bonnienatalie wrote:


                                    NO ONE from Adobe is watching ...

                                    This topic is three years old, and has no relevance to any Flash Player version today.  Please, people, start new topics and provide all relevant information.  Do not just append your problem to a topic that has an entirely different problem!


                                    This topic is now closed.