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    main.asc >auto save and flatten f4f after livepkgr unpublish and delete stream files

    ospn2012 Level 1

      1. Has anyone or anyone attemped to have main.asc perform these instructions after a stream is unpublished?

      2. Are their samples of code to perform these actions?

      3. Am I missing a feature of DVR that already does this automatically?


      After this routine NetStream.Stop()


      f4f:liveevent - NetStream.Unpublish.Success


      I would like to perform these tasks after successful unpublish


      1. auto flatten f4f files of the particular stream with the f4vpp tool

           a. move created files to a different folder for hds-vod streaming later

            b. assign the flatten filename to streamname+timestamp

      2. delete all associated files of the prevous unpublished stream

      3. ready to publish again fresh

      4. repeat


      The reason I want to do this is to maintain a BaseURI that doesn't need changed and not to create a different live stream "liveevent?" id


      Maybe I'm missing a feature, or am unaware of these featues together, or how to set the FMS server to do this.