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    Link problem?

    manojb05 Newcomer

      Dear all,

      I am facing some problem in website link.

      Bottom of the web i am created three section, Confectionery, Biscuits & Herbalism, i want to put a link for three section.

      Problem is i am given blank link to three picture but LINK SYMBOL & LINK CLICK IS NOT HAPPEND" please help.




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          osgood_ Mythic

          Manjo add clear: both; to your footer css in your stylesheet (inline css styling shown below)


          <div id="footer" style="clear: both;">

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            David_Powers Mythic

            There are two reasons your images at the bottom don't act like links:


            1. The images are in paragraphs, and your rule for paragraphs limits the line-height to 16px.
            2. You have 30px of padding-top on your footer, which is covering the links.


            Removing the 30px of padding-top destroys your layout, but I suspect it can be replaced with margin-top.

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              manojb05 Newcomer

              thanks osgood & david. Osgood awesome...........

              please tel me my how is feel my weblayout

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                osgood_ Mythic

                manojb05 wrote:



                please tel me my how is feel my weblayout

                Hi manjo....I like it. It's colorful and refreshing which suits the subject. Not keen on the 'Stay it Sweety' typeface at the top right of the page. Personally I'd use the more sophisticated italic example under the Dunche Clovis logo. I think is should say 'Say it Sweetly' not 'Stay it Sweety' as you have it at the moment?


                One point you may want to consider. The flash won't work on the ipad or iphone if they are devices you want to support.

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                  manojb05 Newcomer

                  thanks osgood for your valuble time to comments & rectify my mistake in tagline.

                  Thanks again