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    Why do paths snap to pixel grid although "snap vector tools to pixel grid" is off?

    SebSchGer Community Member



      I encountered a problem (suspected bug?) while editing paths.


      When I drag around vector points of paths they are not constrained to the pixel grid, when the option "Snap Vector Tools and Transform to Pixel Grid" is off. This is the behavior I expect.

      BUT: When I drag whole paths, they snap to the pixel grid, no matter what. I even have snapping completely disabled.


      This is particularly annoying when eg. creating a path for a zipper. I first make a path for the inside of the jacket or whatever, then I make one notch for the zipper and copy it over and over again for all the notches. It's very troubling when these elements snap to the pixel grid, because it's very unprecise then.


      Could you fix this? Or am I doing something wrong?


      Thanks a thousand