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    DW CS5 odd issue - mmserverinfo.cfm

    WolfShade Level 4

      Hello, everyone.


      I have CS5 installed on an Alienware Area 51 (Intel Core i7 2.80GHz - 12Gig RAM - Windows 7 Enterprise) and I'm having a few issues, one related to mmserverinfo.cfm.


      Issue 1: If I have one or more files of any site open, then open a file that is outside of the site, DW runs excruciatingly slow for about 20 seconds as it "puts" a few files (one of them being mmserverinfo.cfm) every time I switch between any of the site files and the non-site file, and vice versa.


      Issue 2: Every time I launch DW it becomes "Not Responding" for the first 30 seconds, or so, after the app is loaded and the splash screen disappears.  If I click on anything in DW within that timespan, Windows attempts to discover what the problem is, then closes DW without reporting anything to me about what is wrong.  I am also having this same issue with ColdFusion Builder 2.


      Nothing else in the Creative Suite has this issue - Fireworks runs great, no problems.


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you,