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    Help !!!


      How to change xml format when saving .pdf to .xml ??


      I want to change the xml foramt ...


      I have many pdf documents to transfor as .xml 

      the format is defined by ourselfs


      I use Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional.


      I see a XML-1-00.xml in \Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Acrobat\plug_ins\SaveAsXML\MappingTables .


      I think I can change the format in this file.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You must be working with a LieCycle form, please use one of those forums.

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            yijifeng Level 1

            I don't konw how to change and I have no other forums.

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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              For LiveCycle qustions, click on http://forums.adobe.com/, go to LiveCycle, then perhaps LiveCycle Designer. But maybe it isn't Designer here.


              However, I think nobody would do this by changing Acrobat. The industry standard way to change XML is an XSL transfomation (XSLT).

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                yijifeng Level 1

                Actually I want to exchange the format from .pdf to .xml ,the xml format is like this:


                <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


                  <front lock="0" uiWidth="549.4076" uiHeight="330.8261" cardWidth="1098.815" cardHeight="661.6522" card_bg_img="/FinePhoto/Public/59b90e1005a220e2ebc542eb9d950b1e.jpg">

                    <txt txt_1="陈加明" txt_name_1="姓名" font_1="方正黑体_GBK" font_size_1="23" bold_1="0" italic_1="0" color_1="#000000" color_1_cmyk="0,0,0,100" top_1="67" left_1="377" width_1="108" height_1="68" letter_spacing_1="8" row_space_1="0" />

                    <txt txt_2="区域经理" txt_name_2="职务" font_2="华文细黑" font_size_2="9.5" bold_2="0" italic_2="0" color_2="#000000" color_2_cmyk="0,0,0,100" top_2="107" left_2="406" width_2="50" height_2="34" letter_spacing_2="1" row_space_2="0" />

                    <txt txt_3="地址:潍坊经济开发区新元路80号" txt_name_3="地址" font_3="方正书宋简体" font_size_3="9.5" bold_3="0" italic_3="0" color_3="#000000" color_3_cmyk="0,0,0,100" top_3="192" left_3="35" width_3="189" height_3="28" letter_spacing_3="1" row_space_3="0" />

                    <txt txt_4="邮编:261031" txt_name_4="邮编" font_4="方正中等线简体" font_size_4="9" bold_4="0" italic_4="0" color_4="#000000" color_4_cmyk="0,0,0,100" top_4="194" left_4="285" width_4="69" height_4="26" letter_spacing_4="0" row_space_4="0" />

                    <txt txt_5="电话:0536-8662136" txt_name_5="电话" font_5="方正中等线简体" font_size_5="9" bold_5="0" italic_5="0" color_5="#000000" color_5_cmyk="0,0,0,100" top_5="207" left_5="35" width_5="107" height_5="26" letter_spacing_5="0" row_space_5="0" />

                    <txt txt_6="传真:0536-8652636" txt_name_6="传真" font_6="方正中等线简体" font_size_6="9.5" bold_6="0" italic_6="0" color_6="#000000" color_6_cmyk="0,0,0,100" top_6="221" left_6="35" width_6="113" height_6="28" letter_spacing_6="0" row_space_6="0" />

                    <txt txt_7="手机:+86 13455674278" txt_name_7="手机" font_7="方正中等线简体" font_size_7="9" bold_7="0" italic_7="0" color_7="#000000" color_7_cmyk="0,0,0,100" top_7="238" left_7="35" width_7="122" height_7="26" letter_spacing_7="0" row_space_7="0" />

                    <txt txt_8="邮箱:1370080498@qq.com" txt_name_8="邮箱" font_8="方正书宋简体" font_size_8="9" bold_8="0" italic_8="0" color_8="#000000" color_8_cmyk="0,0,0,100" top_8="253" left_8="35" width_8="154" height_8="26" letter_spacing_8="1" row_space_8="0" />

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                    <txt txt_10="全国免费客服电话:400-882-7966" txt_name_10="热线电话" font_10="方正书宋简体" font_size_10="9" bold_10="0" italic_10="0" color_10="#000000" color_10_cmyk="0,0,0,100" top_10="285" left_10="35" width_10="190" height_10="26" letter_spacing_10="1" row_space_10="0" />


                  <back back_card_bg_img="/FinePhoto/Public/f3f27a324736617f20abbf2ffd806f6d.png">

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                  Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                  I understand you want to change PDF to XML. But you can already change PDF to a different XML. Then you can use the normal method of XSLT to change that XML into the XML you want.

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                    yijifeng Level 1

                    This xml is not writed by me,it's given by my leader.


                    He let me change pdf to this format.


                    I don't know how to do.


                    XSLT can do this ? How ? Please tell me.

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                      Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                      You might not be able to change the format. The PDF XML export has been criticised for being rather limited, especially for untagged files. But if the information is in the Acrobat XML, XSLT will convert the format.


                      XSLT is essential knowledge for any XML professional. There are many books about it.

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                        yijifeng Level 1

                        Can you change the pdf to xml like the format above ? 


                        I was eager to use.


                        If you can,please help me, thanks very much..

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                          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                          Sorry, I have no idea whether this will be possible. It will need detailed analysis and full understanding of every XML tag in both of the formats and their relationship to each other. This is an interesting project, but not a small one.

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                            yijifeng Level 1

                            Oh ,I see,but  thank you all the same .