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    Can "swipe" page navigation be supressed?

    JuergenBerk Level 1

      We recently published a children's book using the Adobe DPS suite. We've had great feedback for the most part, but several professional app reviewers had several usability issues with the platform, specifically the menu system and sensitivity of swiping from side to side to go through pages.


      They were kind enough not to give us a review at all, since it would have been negative from their perspective.


      They stated that if we were to fix these technical issues, they would give us an excellent review.


      Having spent a lot of money on the effort, reviews from pro sites like 148 apps  are critical in making apps and magazines commercially successful.


      So, my questions to Adobe (some of them repeats from last year's pre-release program)


      • Can side to side navigation be turned off, enabling the developer to control the navigation in a .folio?
      • Can the way the menu system is invoked be altered? Some ideas:
        • press and hold to invoke the menu
        • double tap to invoke the menu
        • reserve an area (top left, for example) for invoking the menu
        • anything BUT single tapping, since IMO this is the gesture should be reserved for interactive elements, not core navigation.