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    delete datasource failed

    biene22 Level 1



      I installed CF9 without a licence (developer Ediition) and created some datasources

      using the Oracle Driver. Everything works fine.


      Then I updated CF9 with a Licence Key (CF9 Standard Edition) and now the datasources are not running,

      because Standard Edition does not have the Oracle Driver. I try to edit or delete the datasources, but I get a server error 500.


      Can I delete the datasources manually?



      CF Standard 9,0,2,282541

      Windows Server 2008 R2


      regards Claudia

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          RobertAOwen Level 1

          Yes. You can manually edit the neo-datasource.xml file found in the cfusion/lib folder.


          They will be listed individually in that file starting with:


          <var name='DATASOURCE NAME'>

          < then a series of <var> tags with the connection details>



          You can just delete the one that is causing you issues.  Also, there may be a neo-datasource.bak file in there with the original settings.  Open that file and look to see if your offending datasource is in it.  If not, rename it to neo-datasource.xml  and rename the other to .old or something else.  Restart Coldfusion and the new datasource information should be picked up.

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            RobertAOwen Level 1

            Sorry, I gave you a bad location for that xml file.  In Coldfusion 9 Standard the neo-datasource.xml  file is in the lib folder in the root of the installation location.

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              biene22 Level 1

              Yes, that's it!!

              Thank you very much and

              best regards