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    Can an InCopy editor add, remove and edit a text frame placed inside the main story text frame?

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      I think I already know the answer to this which is - no. I'll explain why I am asking the question in a second, but the reason I think the simple answer is no is because - text frames are controlled by a designer in the layout file, an editor using incopy can only edit the text and images placed inside text frames, and so cannot resize them, add or delete them.


      Ok, so the reason I have asked this.


      1. Is there a way around this so that editors in incopy can edit certain types of text frame that are contained within the main text frame? I'm using these text frames to contain specific paragraph styles, giving them a boxed look and also with an anchored icon in the top left of the text frame depending on the type of paragraph it is. See screenshot as an example of a green text frame that I am using to contain paragraphs of type "tip".Capture-tf.JPG
      2. If it is not possible for editors in incopy to add, edit or resize these text frames (green tip frame in the example above), then how else can I style these paragraphs to give the same visual appearance, but without the use of wrapping them in a text frame?


      One (not so good) way around this is for the designer to add the text frames in the layout file after he gets the content back from the editor, then moving the "tip" paragraphs into these newly created text frames. However when the editor updates the content in incopy and gets these new text frames in their copy, they can not then delete them if they wish to, or if they add or reduce content inside of these green text frames then the frames dont grow to fit their edited content. So I dont think its a solution for the designer to control the adding, removing and resizing of these frames.


      UPDATE: I have just discovered that once a text frame has been placed into the document by the designer and the editor updates their copy in incopy-  they can then use the "Position Tool" to select that text frame - allowing them to resize it, or delete it! Fantastic. But would the editor be able to add these frames in themselves to begin with? Maybe have a document containing all of the objects available to them, copy and paste one of them into the main document and edit its content? Does anyone have any advice on how to go about this? Essentially I would like the editor to control the insertion, editing and removal of these inline text frames.