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    Mouse pointer disappear on second monitor


      Anybody has this problem with Photoshop CS6? :


      Working with Wacom Intuos 3 graphic tablet and two screen, my mouse cursor disappears when I go to my second screen. This is just temporary since I only have to switch out of Photoshop and in again and the pointer is back, but since it happens  often, it becomes really anoying...


      MacOSX 10.7.4, with graphic card ATI Radeon HD 5870

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          Curt Y Level 7

          More likely a wacom driver or mouse drive problem than PS.  Check there first.  Latest updates?

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            marc-denault Level 1

            Thanks for your answer.


            Yep, everythings up to date...


            But I just heard from a friend that he has the same problem (with PS CS5 and now with PS CS6) since he updated to MacOSX Lion, so maybe a conflict there with the wacom and Lion(?)... but still, it only happens with Photoshop and not with InDesign or other softwares.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              I don't use a Mac but on a PC you can Map the pen for applications. For Photoshop I map the Pen to my primary display only and force proportion to the whole tablet so when Photoshop is the active program on my PC the pen only works on that display. Like you pen seems to be working when Photoshop has focus on your Mac.

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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                On the four, the button imediatly above the Touch ring is 'Display Toggle' and that toggles between both, left, right and back to both screens.  It would be all too easy to hit that button by accident, (although I can'r say I've ever done so.

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                  marc-denault Level 1

                  Thank you for your answers.


                  On a Mac also you can set the pen and the tablet differently by Applications depending on the needs, but I don't think that my problem is related to that...


                  In Photoshop, I use a second monitor only to see many palettes fully open (like Layers, Channels, Info, History, etc) and leaving my main monitor to work the images. But when I go to the second monitor with my pen (say to select a layer) sometimes the black arrow just disapears... and I can't select anything. So when happening, I quickly switch application and come back to Photoshop again (to do a kind of "refresh"...). Really frustrating.


                  I searched for other discussions about that on the web earlier and it looks it's happening to other people simply working with a regular mouse and in other softwares (for me it's just in PS but for others it's in MS Word or else...) and also with different types of screens.


                  So my guess is this is a Mac OSX Lion system problem.

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                    Andres Matallana Level 1

                    I completely relate to this issue and it happens to me while using both my mouse and pen and notice it the most while working in CS5 apps. The ones I use most often are inDesign, Ai and PS. At times I also loose the cursor on the desktop trying to go from one window on the left screen to another window on the right screen.  I would LOVE to find the cause.  Right now, the only way I get my cursor back is by clicking on the desktop and clicking back into the application.


                    I'm running:

                    OS X 10.7.4 - up to date

                    CS5 - up to date

                    Wacom intuous 4 (mouse and pen) updated with Driver 6.3.2-4 for Mac OS X v. 10.7, 10.6 & 10.5 released July 2012

                    I have an Apple HD Cinema Display (older) as well as a Samsung screen at home.

                    MacBook Pro 17" and happened as well on my previous 15" 2009 model.

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                      I experience a similar problem with my cursor in PSCS6. I use Mountain Lion and a Wacom tablet (driver 6.3.2-4). Incredibly annoying, not sure who can solve this issue but it would be nice if I it stops.


                      Any solutions would be appreciated.

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                        Level 7

                        Looks like the common factors are MacOS, and a Wacom tablet driver.

                        I'd try disabling the Wacom driver and see what happens.

                        And make sure you talk to Wacom about this.

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                          Andres Matallana Level 1

                          Yes, good idea... I was going to unplug my Wacom and use a regular mouse for a day or two. Don't kill me, but I have an old Microsoft mouse I can use tomorrow and report back once I see if it had an effect. 


                          Also asking some of my fellow co-workers, one only uses the magic mouse and he reports that it happens to him occasionally... And I've ready other posts about it being a problem with that mouse as well...  My other co-worker uses the Wacom Bamboo CTE-650 tablet with accompanying mouse and is more on par with what I experience on a daily basis.

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                            Andres Matallana Level 1

                            Update:  Contacted both Wacom and Apple. Haven't spoken to anyone at Wacom yet, but was very impressed with Apple's response. The tech called seconds after I hit the send button on the website.  Apprerently they haven't heard of the issue and had him Google the problem. Luckily my cursor disappeared as I was speaking with him.  Had me zap Pram (reboot holding Command-Option PR) and then rebooted in safe mode (holding shift) played around for a while but couldn't get the cursor to disappear.  Then booted normal and stayed on the line for a good while to see if it would happen again. We ended up disconnecting and calling back if or when it reoccurs and go from there...


                            We'll see what Wacom says...

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                              marc-denault Level 1

                              Really good thing that you have told Apple about this. I have a strong feeling it's a MacOS problem more than Wacom since it happens both with the mouse, the Intuos, the bamboo, etc...


                              It seems to be happening to lots of people. Only at the studio here where I work, we are 4 persons experiencing this at different levels of anoyingness... some with Photoshop CS5, others with CS6. The main common factor between us is that we're all on Lion (OS 10.7...)


                              Thanks for your investigations, can't wait to here more! Since I work with Photoshop 9 to 5 all week long, it really does happen to me A LOT! The cursor disappears in the secondary screen and the only effective and fast solution I have is to do a quick Command+Tab twice to switch out of Photoshop and back in again... So bugging!! not really because it's time consuming, but mostly because I keep loosing the focus on what I'm doing.

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                                Andres Matallana Level 1

                                After emailing with Wacom, they've also never heard of the issue... but I sent them a bunch of links so they can read up on it.  I also found this thread where apparently the issue is fixed with the 10.8 Mountain Lion... Anyone know if anyone is still having this prob on ML?



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                                  RayStof Level 1

                                  Myissue with the disappearring cursor started after installing Mountain Lion :( I wish I would have kept Lion or even Snow Leopard.


                                  BTW, my disappearing cursor is on my main screen. I use only one, a 30" Eizo. Dropping the Wacom is not an option, I do not use a mouse.


                                  i will definitely contact Wacom about this as well. The Apple support forum truly sucks. I cannot post over there. I have an account but after login in it asks for my screen name (which I allready have) and it refuses to either have me post from my appleID nor does it allow me to generate another screenname. otherwise I would have posted on that thread that ML does not solve the problem.

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                                    Andres Matallana Level 1

                                    I was unsuccessful yesterday in creating an account to post there as well so I gave up. If I have some time today, I might give it another shot.

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                                      Hi all.

                                      I upgraded to Mountain Lion (10.8) and all of a sudden the cursor of my Wacom Bamboo in CS6 disappears.  I work only on one screen (a brand new i-Mac) and it happens when switching from my working window, to one of the panels.  Suddenly it's gone, and with it, also my mouse cursor disappears.  Really annoying! 

                                      I tried about everything I could think of; stopped CS6 and restarted, switched the mac off and on again, unplugged and replugged the usb, changed the wacom pen tip - I even changed the batteries of my mouse, although I couldn't think of a reason why that could have anything to do with it, but when desperately seeking a solution, one tries about anything....). 

                                      Neither the pen, nor the tablet has fallen, and everything worked fine before the upgrade.  


                                      I would really appreciate a solution from either parties responsible, be it Apple, Wacom or Adobe, hopefully they take their responsabilities and stop playing ping pong or deaf. 

                                      Thank you Andres to pointing out that it shows up again when clicking on the desktop and then back to CS6.  This tip already saves me some time "searching" for my cursor... but it remains annoying and time consuming!

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                                        marl1eenc Level 1

                                        Good morning.  While further working with the tablet and the disappearing cursor, I'm under the impression that the problem is a lot less when you work with a fixed window in cs6 (don't know how you specialists call that).  What I mean is, when the window doesn't float into the main window. Not always practical, but if working in just one picture or so, it could help. 


                                        The bad news is, that it happens not only in cs6 but I noticed it also when googling in the image section, once I put it down on an image it disappeared and had to click on the desktop to see it again to be able to navigate....  Strange.


                                        Have a relaxing day ;-)

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                                          Andres Matallana Level 1

                                          After reading threads of the issue happening on different web browsers, navigating between desktop windows, software versions and on different mouse/tablet devices, it's sounding more and more like an Appple issue.  They sent me a follow up email to take a survey of my experience with tech support. I encourage everyone to go to apple / support / contact apple support / mac & software - express lane for software support / OS X / Here you can either go "Upgrading to OS X ML" or "Other Software Topics" and click on "The topic is not listed"... I used "Disappearing Cursor Issue". Once you submit you can click to talk to Apple supprt Now or schedule a call... They called me pretty much as I submitted my phone number.





                                          This is what I replied in the survey...


                                          I've never really had any problems with Apple products. In fact, I use them everyday for both work and play.  The issue I called about is an on-going issue that has me scratching my head about why "APPLE" hasn't figured out a fix.  I was AMAZED that the tech said he hadn't heard of this issue... The issue is being talked about on YOUR OWN forum as well as Adobe and other places around the web. People are looking for a fix to this issue.


                                          Please check it out as it seems that the problem continues on OS X 10.8.  It happens with all types of mouse devices including Apple's. 





                                          To follow up with the help I received yesterday, yes, my cursor still disappears randomly throughout the day.


                                          Please let me know what you find out or what we can expect...




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                                            i have exactlly the same problem with the mouse pointer.


                                            I got contact with wacom and they said, i it is a problem between Mountain Lion and Photoshop. Adobe said it is a problem between Wacom and Mountain Lion. See up what the Staff wrote and until now i did'get an answer from Apple.


                                            It is time that the take responsability and do their work!

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                                              have the latest wacom driver . . . . to be honest mountain lion is utter rubbish  . . . since upload wifi no longer works even after using fixes . . . (this is done via ethernet linked to a wifi enabled G4!!!!) why does everyone pass the buck?

                                              this is the last time i EVER purchase legal software . . EVER . . . .. . . . . . i am tired of shelling out for it all to come crashing down, pissing me and my clients off!!!! This is the final straw!!!! If I create anything trhat does not work I have to refund my customers!!!!!!

                                              Trading standards would be so far up my arse you'd see them waving everytime I opened my mouth . . . so how come these b@stards get away with it everytime? . . . I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEADLINES PENDING!!!!!!!!!!

                                              NO SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                                Michael Crabb

                                                I too have the disappearing mouse issue. I think I had the bug all of a sudden during the last days of Lion (I could be wrong) and definitely happens since upgrading to Mountain Lion. I also have a wacom intuos 4 (which I rarely ever use) with the latest driver. Single monitor iMac and the pointer almost always dissappears when I roll over any pallets in CS 5 and will eventually dissappear anywhere in Photoshop or Illustrator and sometimes when using brushes in Lightroom too. If I move the pointer down to the dock and come back to a pallet the pointer stays visable briefly.

                                                Who can work likt this?

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                                                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                  It's no real surprise.  Lions love mice.





                                                  Wait, I think I may know where it's gone...  Your cursor has defected over to have a meeting with other cursors on the nearest PC!   Recall the PC problem where there is not one cursor but three!




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                                                    Andres Matallana Level 1

                                                    Thanks for the laugh Noel... and quick! Someone get Owdgit a tranquilizer! We have to help him step away from the edge...    Man I've gone beyond the deep end and back myself!  As there's not solution in sight and nobody is taking accountability and or claim they have even heard of the problem... Because of that, I've been learning to work with a "crutch".  As Michael put it... as soon as I notice my pointer disappear, my hand automatically zooms the cursor left to the end of my screen where my dock sits and I zoom back and usually brings back my cursor.  It's not acceptable by any means, but keeps me from throwing the mouse into the wall. haha...

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                                                      Level 5

                                                      owdgit wrote:


                                                      …to be honest mountain lion is utter rubbish…


                                                      Undeniably so.  The only question is how long it takes an individual user to come to this conclusion.