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    Help with importing multiple folders




      I've just bought a new computer which has come with PE9 pre-installed. It looks like it could be a great program but ...


      Two big problems. Firstly, I tried importing all my pictures from "My Pictures". All my pictures are neatly arranged into their various folders so I clicked on "My Pictures" and it imported all 2000+ photos straight away which was great. However, the big problem is that it has copied every picture individually i.e. it hasn't imported the 20 odd individual folders I had those files arranged in. So firstly, and most importantly, how do I import multiple folders at the same time or can't I? Do I need to remove everything and just copy each individual folder across one by one? Because that sounds like an awful lot of work! I'm assuming it should import multiple folders at the same time but, as usual, there's nothing I can find on the forums or the FAQs to answer the question.


      Your help and advice would be gratefully received.


      Many thanks.