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    Getting error -1100



      I'm putting up a small brochure for a friend of mine and I'm having some difficulties with my HTMLResources zipped folder.


      To be more precise the content in the zipped folder is either pdf or mp4 videos. The weird thing is that some links work and some for some reason gives me a URL asked for isn't found on the server (-1100) when I view it in the iPad Adobe Viewer.

      Now I double checked my links ( HTMLResources/blabla.pdf) and the files in the zip and everything is correct. Would you guys have any advice ?.


      Thank you


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          wa148 Level 1

          Help anyone ?

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            StephenAAsh Adobe Employee

            One thing that might be the problem is the file structure within the HTMLResources.zip that you uploaded. Make sure that when you are creating your zip file, that you are creating it from the file itself and not compressing the parent folder. Inside the zip file, it should look like HTMLResources.zip/link.pdf and not HTMLResouces.zip/HTMLResouces/link.pdf.


            There are some more notes in the "Import HTMLResourcs" help doc.

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              wa148 Level 1

              Hi Stephen,


              Thanks for the advice.

              But having triple checked all of my pdf files are correctly put in. So I have HTMLResources/article.pdf for example, the thing is that when I upload the folio on my iPad well some links show me the linked pdf and some don't, and as for the url on the boutons I tripled checked that the URL is HTMLResources/article.pdf.


              Now I'm wondering

              - is there a size limit for the HTML Resources zip file?

              - As some pdf's were made from powerpoint slides or word documents could that be a problem ?

              - Also as i'm working in french, some of the files have accents like "é" could that be a source of conflict ?

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                Gusgsm Level 2

                As another Romanic language speaking user, I'd say avoiding diacritics and spaces in file/folder names is usually a good practice. I'd give that a try.

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                  wa148 Level 1

                  Thanks Gusgsm,

                  I'm going to try that

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                    StephenAAsh Adobe Employee

                    The HTMLResources.zip files are limited to 1GB in size. If you try to upload something larger than that, an error message will be shown, so that shouldn't be your problem. I think the suggestion of avoiding diacritics is worth trying out. If that is the problem, please report back and I'll follow up with the engineering team.


                    If you still have troubles, feel free to share the folio with sash@adobe.com and I'll take a look.