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    eCart5.06 Extension & Live View in Dreamweaver not working


      When I click on live view in Dreamweaver I get code showing up behind the cart button and order information. It also, does not preview in any Web browsers from Dreamweaver?


      I get this message in Google:


      The website encountered an error while retrieving http://localhost/htdocs/Connections/az_store.php. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
      Here are some suggestions:
      Reload this webpage later.


      What could be the problem.




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          AllDayDev Adobe Employee

          I assume you are using a local web server? (e.g. WAMP, XAMPP, MAMP, etc.)


          If so, you may have something configured incorrectly. Typically, the "htdocs" folder will never be in the URL.
          Check in your site definition in Dreamweaver to make sure that "/htdocs" does not appear anywhere; remove it if it does.

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            Keitodd29 Level 1

            Hi Carey,


            Yes, I have MAMP local server on my computer. I tried your suggestions. These are the instructions from WebAssist that I am following to define my Dynamic Site in Dreamweaver at this URL.




            But it includes htdocs in the local URL you indicated that I take out?  I have taken it out and left it in and I get this error either way when I try to connect to MySQL server connection.


            ERROR: The testing server specified for this site does not map to the http://127.0.1/az_cart/_mmServerScripts/MMHTTPDB.PHP URL. Verify your URL Prefix maps to the root of the site.


            I have been trying for hour but can not get it to work properly


            Attached are images of how I setup my local server site with  an az_cart to be my local testing server file folder. Advanced setting is set to MySQL server on the local and my ftp server connection which is works fine


            What am I doing wrong? Your help would be greatly appreciated. 


            Thanks, Tony

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              AllDayDev Adobe Employee

              Tony, I am not sure if you replied to this thread via e-mail or not, but your images are not showing.


              To have images show in the forum, you need to visit the thread using your browser and attach/upload them to the forum post.

              Alternatively, if you have the images hosted online somewhere, you can just post a link to them.


              That should give us a better idea of what's going on.



              Also, I looked at the instructions you mentioned from WebAssist, and the only place they mention htdocs is for the Local Site Folder, which is something that would never appear in your web URL.
              The screenshots of your configuration should help us determine what to do to get this sorted.

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                Keitodd29 Level 1

                Hi Carey,


                I have the eCart 5 up and running with a local MAMP server installed on my mac, I also can view the shopping cart in Dreamweaver view and in a web browser with not problem.


                ecart 5's tutorials are not all that great and I have more questions. I will get back tomorrow with additional questions when I have more time.


                I will upload any images and prvide any URL's when needed to my next post.


                Thanks for your help



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                  Keitodd29 Level 1

                  Hi Cary,


                  This is my first experience working MySQL and PHPMyAdmin. I have experience creating excel spreadsheets and created mailing list to print out off the database and I have imported data bases into a contact management program I use on my computer.


                  I am not sure if it is similar? This stuff is all new so I have a number of questions.


                  1. I created my MySQL local host and I can access the PHPMyAdmin.

                  2. I have Inserted a eCart Object on a page I named az_ecart1.php.

                  3. On this page I inserted an eCart Add to Cart Button.


                  ATTACHED - are images of how I set up the Recordset and the bindings for the buttons.

                  Also attached is an image of the Recordset Physical_goods database that can be used with the eCart 5 extension.




                  1. The one Item listed on the Physical_goods database (see image) Remix does not show up on my page where I inserted the button? Why?
                  2. I assume the Items area in this database is to be populated with my product data to appear on the page...correct?
                  3. How do I populate the physical goods area with my product data?
                  4. What program do I use to create the database? My Apple TextEdit Program, Excel??
                  5. Do I create the same 8 top row headings after ItemID, like ItemCartID ItemName etc with my product data below each heading column?  
                  6. ItemID - Does the ItemID identify and match up the product with the Add Cart button?
                  7. Is the Unique ID automatically generated by the database?
                  8. Do I have to create a different Recordset for each page






                  Your help is greatly appreciated.