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    "beforeSave is not defined" message in CS5

    Kathy_OCNC Level 1

      Our organization recently upgraded from older versions of Contribute to Contribute CS5.  One user who was upgraded is now getting errors when she tries to edit web pages.  The errors are:

      In file "Date_beforeSave": ReferenceError: beforeSave is not defined


      In file "_afterSave": ReferenceError: afterSave is not defined


      These errors appear multiple times when opening or closing any web page.  She can click "OK" until they disappear, but as you can imagine, it slows her down a lot.


      She is using Contribute CS5 on Windows XP.


      I have renamed the translators file (which cleared up another error, but not these) and all of the references that I could find to the older version of Contribute.  I also deleted her connection to the website and then re-created it.


      What do you think I should try next?