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    Does Adobe read these forums and comments?


      For many years I was a Windows OS user, and I used Photoshop Elements 2.  It was a little difficult to learn, but once I got the hang of it I thought it was great: simple, bright, easy and well organized.  A few months ago I made the switch to Apple iMac Desktop, OSX Lion v. 10.7.  I used iPhoto, but I really missed PSE.  So I downloaded the trial version of PSE 10.  What a disappointment.......It is a very good program I suppose, for advanced photographers, but it is no longer simple.  The screens are too dark and there is too much crammed on to every screen in Organizer and Editor.  The fonts are too small and the font colors do not stand out against the dark backgrounds.  I wish Adobe had stuck with the white screens, large type and black fonts, but most of all I wish they had kept it simple like it was in earlier versions.  I was looking for simplicity and ease-of-use, and I got what could be called "Almost Photoshop Full". I uninstalled Elements and will have to use iPhoto.  I miss the days of KISS.