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    acrobat x standard


      Received a copy of Acrobat X Standard with a new Dell laptop and was wondering where to download the software? I want to rebuild the laptop using Win7 64bit instead of the Win7 32bit that came with the laptop.

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          If you have got the CD for the acrobat X standard then you can install the software after you rebuild your system ,


          and if it is present on the computer then

          you need the media for installation if you already have it saved in your machine then you can write it on the pendrive or DVD abnd using this you can install the acrobat later on ,


          But there is a vital point you need keep in mind that is the serail number to install the software , you need the serial number otherwise it will be the trial version.

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            dell doesn't include media with the Acrobat X standard and my hard drive failed. So now I'm trying to reinstall and only have a piece of paper with my vital serial number.

            All I can find on the adobe site is the acrobat x pro.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              The installer is the same. Functionality is determined by the serial number alone.



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                Webb2.0 Level 1

                This was  not correct. The dell furnished serial did not activate the software. I found the following link on another thread. I'm downloading Acrobat Standard X now, fingers crossed.