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    Why does ADE 1.8.3 let me download and view EPUB but not PDF or ACSM?

    papatron Community Member

      I've got ADE 1.8.3 installed and authorised with my AdobeID on a 32-bit Win7 machine (on a corporate network).


      I have also downloaded the three sample EPUB ebooks from (http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/digitaleditions1-8.html) without any issues.

      However when I try to download the three sample PDF ebooks from that same link, I get the following error:




      I also get the same error when trying to download ACSM or PDF ebooks from EBSCOHOST...

      If I download EPUB sample ebooks from other sites they also open fine in ADE so it seems like a bug with specific file types.


      Anyone else have this issue?


      Look forward to hearing some suggesstions