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    Acrobat X Pro will not start

    William LaMartin Community Member

      Everything was fine with Acrobat X Pro (installed as part of CS6) until today. I used it to view one file and then about an hour later a click on its shortcut on the Windows 7 taskbar produced nothing. A similar result for the executable file in the Windows Program directory. I tried a repair from Control Panel | Programs and Features. I have rebooted the computer. The other programs in CS6 seem OK. I have not tried an uninstall and reinstall yet.


      Any idea what the problem may be?

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          William LaMartin Community Member

          I found the solution on another thread by 818g.  However, I wonder if this will happen again in 30 days.  It occured the first time approximately 30 days following my installation of Adobe CS6



          Community Member Community Member

          Jun 15, 2012 12:38 AM in reply to matthew.thomas



          The solution that Jimbo7777 suggested on the parallel thread does work:

          • start up Photoshop
          • Help/deactivate
          • close application
          • start up Photoshop or Acrobat (it is now running in trial mode)
          • go through the activation process giving the serial


          It's much faster and less painful than uninstalling/reinstalling the whole suite.

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            I am having the same problem ... mine began after upgrading from 5.5 which I purchased a few weeks before v6 was announced.  I had the problem with a few programs in the suite but was able to iron out most of them (still having some challenges with Bridge and uploading new files into the program). Tech support was some help but was bit by bit rather than a solution  to the entire problem. It is INCREDIBLY frustrating ... the only time I can get help is via the phone support when I am supposed to be manning my own phones. If I didn't love the products so much, my credit card would be getting a call to terminate the purchase. This is a brand new machine, Adobe as one of the first and few set of installs/upgrades 5.5/6.0 ... when I talked to one of the Adobe reps at a trade show this week, he said there were a few cases where a new serial number was offered specific to Acrobat Pro due to the glitch. He is supposed to email me when he gets back to the office and has more info, but it has been frustrating.

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              Same here and it worked, but since this is the 2nd time down this road I hope it doesn't happen again in 30 days.  It is much faster and less painful but it shouldn't happen in the first place and if it does, it should at least give you an error message and give the solution above.

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                Marc Ross

                Yes just had the same problem today (30 days after install of CS6) - followed Jimbo7777 advise of deactivating and then rebooting and opening Photoshop CS6 and entering the serial number. All works perfectly so thank you all

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                  Process just worked for me too after prior installation of CS6. Now on with some work! Thanks,

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                    Have been dealing with this for a month now. At first deleting the cache.db file helped for a week or so. However, each time I do it the fix seems to last for less and less time. Now I have to do it every single day.

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                      Exactly the same happened to me yesterday. I can say I am quiete computer litterate but lots of users are not, so it was not dificult for me to find an answer to this.

                      The William LaMartin solution worked perfect for me. However, I think Adobe needs to sort out this bug for all those users who are suffering from this behaviour.

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                        Ok, big thanks to William LeMartin but this solution is not professional support from the Adobe. We paid for legall app and we may expect more serious support.


                        I have exactly the same problem since upgrade from CS 5.5 to 6.0 on last July. Today I had to reinstall Acrobat and it is totally frustrating - over half a year and still no solution of the problem.

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                          I am in the same situation, and deactivating/reactivating is not a good solution since Adobe restricts the number of times you do this. The only way I could get Adobe to work was by following the procedure provided by William. But I agree...ADOBE needs to resolve this issue

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                            The same happened with CS6 here...

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                              mikeklar Community Member


                              This issue started several days ago, which is about 30 days since installing Windows 8. 

                              All of the CS6 Master Suite modules work without issues except for Acrobat, which now works intermittendly.  Well, mostly not!  Come to think of it, this started right after the latest update...

                              It leaves the impression the people working on Acrobat don't care about compatibility with the rest of Adobe's products. 

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                                mikeklar Community Member

                                Well, there is a solution which worked for me. 

                                The Acrobat people have a patch and it's buried somewhere, a location I can't recal, and it's called "Acrofix.zip"

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                                  wind-dancer Community Member

                                  Thanks Mike...found the link for the patch at:  http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/acrobat-failed-launch-30-days.html

                                  I am now able to open all my adobe acrobat files. Thanks for the fix...but we really should NOT have to do this. Especially for registered and licensed copies of the program.

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                                    Peter Chludil

                                    Wind-Dancer's link fixes it for us. Nice find, too bad there isn't a posted date on that fix.


                                    This is so incredibly irritating. Patches didn't detect the need for this patch and the Application Manager did not either. Seems like this should be an automatic install. Then again the suite treats Acrobat as the oddball application, it doesn't even group it with the rest of the products.