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    To Frustrated in AZ


      Thank you very much for your help. You spelled it out very well.  I actually understand. It's late tonight so I'm going to follow your instructions on deauthorizing tomorrow and will  either post that it worked or come try to save me again...lol...Thanks again...

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          would ADE be able to recognize me with new ID and password when it's the free download and not a purchased CD that can be registered to more than one computer? Dawned on me to ask this morning because on both my computers I used the free download and I spent a weekend with my mother and borrowed her puter. She had ADE as well. I went to online store, downloaded one of the ebooks from my account (acsm. as well) and her ADE opened it. Thought I'd mention this before I screw something up..

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            You'll be fine.  ADE has a limitation on the number of computers it will

            support under an ID, however.


            If you get on your monther's computer and download an ebook, was it

            downloaded under her Adobe ID?  If so, it's going to be associated with

            that computer and ID....


            Don't you LOVE technology?



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              I don't know whether it was downloaded under her ID. I purchased these ebooks on my computer (one I had to replace). My puter died. Was at her home for a weekend so went to the estore, redownloaded one of them on her puter, double clicked it and her ADE opened it up. I never had trouble opening them until my new puter that I have now. Never even knew something special had to be done to open them until reading discussions here. So...origionally ALL my ebooks (I have hundreds of them) were bought and downloaded to my other computer. Any other downloading has happened by returning to my different estore accounts or copying them from the cd I saved most of them to. Gonna do the deauthorizing as you suggested. I'll let you know how it goes...Thanks a bunch for the help so far...hope it works..lol


              and technology....my absolute favorite thing in the world...sigh...isn't it obvious...lmao