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    Arcobat.com shows a manatory Update


      Arcobat.com prompts a manatory update must be installed...shows my installed version, Update version I click Download Now I get "There was an error downloading the update. Error #16820"  Your only choice is to click NO and the program closes.


      I have tried to perform the Update in Safe Mode with Networking and get the same results.  How do I get past this error message and update Acrobat.com? 

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          pwillener Level 8

          I do not get this message when I go to and sign-in at acrobat.com


          I also don't know what that version / is - could it be Adobe AIR?


          What is your operating system?  Can you check if you have Adobe AIR installed, and if so, what version?


          You can get the latest AIR version (3.3) at http://get.adobe.com/air/

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            denmarfl Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.....

            Not even sure why I decided to Open Acrobat.com.....but when I clicked on it to open it I got the message Updates were available....and I clicked to Download and Install.  I thought Acrobat updated......and then I got the message that I needed to update AIR......from2.X to I did.  Looking at P&F...it shows Acrobat.com version is and was installed 8/8/12 and it shows AIR version is also dated 8/8/12.  So both softwares did update yesterday.....   But as I wrote, and I tried it again just now, when I click to open Arcobat.com I get the Manatory Update message.....when I click to Update I get the "There was an error downloading the update Error #16820"......I can only click on CLOSE and the Program Closes.  You jusy have to love error messages that designers program into their software that when the message appears means nothing to the end user.  Sure hope there is a way to correct this and properly update Acrobat.com.....

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              Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I assume you're talking about the Acrobat.com desktop application, which has been discontinued. Uninstall it and use the browser interface.

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                denmarfl Level 1

                Not sure I fully understand....

                I go to START\ALL PROGRAMS.....Arcobat.com is at the top of the List, I click on it.....the software starts to open and I get the manatory Update message.......


                Not sure what you mean by Uninstalling it.....and use the browser Interface.....


                Uninstall Arcobat from Program & Features?  I appreciate your response but my level of experience is certainly not at your level....Thanks

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                  Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  If you have "Acrobat.com" as an entry on your programs list then it's the AIR app, which is now dead. It will be separate from Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.


                  You can remove the AIR app using the Windows control panel > Add and remove programs.

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                    denmarfl Level 1

                    My P&F List has the Following Adobe softwares:


                    Program Name                               Date Installed       Version

                    Acrobat.com                                  8/8/12          

                    Adobe AIR                                     8/8/12          

                    Adobe Flash Player 11 Active X       8/2/12                    11.3.300

                    Adobe Flash Plaeyer 11 Plugin         8/2/12                    11.3.300

                    Adobe Reader X                              4/17/12                  10.1.3

                    Adobe Shockwave Player                  4/9/11         


                    The Dates installed for Arcobat.com and AIR....are actually Updayes installed that took place yesterday.  Following these Updates.....I got the message about the manatory Update which is the subject of this Post....that Fails.....


                    I got another Post that read, Acrobat is no longer a program that should be installed on my PC....it was replaced by AIR.....  So I am sure you can understand when I write....I am a little confused.......

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                      pwillener Level 8

                      In your Programs & Features, right-click on Acrobat.com, then select Uninstall.


                      If you want to use any Acrobat.com features, use the online services at http://www.acrobat.com/ (or use these services from Adobe Reader Tools).

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                        denmarfl Level 1

                        It was not a matter of wanting to use Acrobat.com features, it was, why was acrobat.com on my PC?  I did not install that program so it either was pre-loaded by Dell when my PC was built 4 yeras ago, or installed by an adobe Update.  From what I have learned Acrobat.com was replaced by AIR...and if that is so, AIR was downloaded in an Update....and that install should have deleted Acrobat.com.  When you saw Acrobat.com in P&F....it's icon symbol was Gray whereas AIR was the Adobe Red color.   Thanks

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                          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                          Perhaps it came with the PC.


                          Air didn't exacly make Acrobat.com obsolete. In fact Acrobat.com is still going strong and many people are using it. But they just visit http://acrobat.com rather than using the application you still have.


                          It was Air which made this possible, but it isn't the same sort of thing at all.  (More like a road, where Acrobat.com is a car).


                          Anyway, you can follow the advice to uninstall it, or ignore the advice and leave it be. You can't use it, but if you want the features of the program, visit the web site above.

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                            denmarfl Level 1

                            The reason for my POST was that Acrobat was prompting me to install an Update, but when the Update ran I got a Message that it FAILED.  Looks like I got 2 for the price of 1.  Not only was I encountering this Failed Update....I also had a program that was running VERY Slow.  I did think it strange that Acrobat.com Icon in my P7F list was Gray...while all other Adobe programs were the noral Red.  At any rate, deleting Acrobat.com....the Update prompt is no longer and the Slow Opening\running Software....is running great......


                            It still seems to me that a past Adobe Update should have deleted Acrobat.com.....and failed to do so because I have another PC that is older than this PC....and I note that Acrobat.com was not in the P&F List......

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                              pwillener Level 8

                              I think the Acrobat.com application was bundled with an older Reader version, maybe 7?