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    Adobe Viewer on iPad does not update anymore


      After one week without any problems viewing ID6 folios on my computer and my iPad, my Folio Builder stopped updating folios on the iPad two days ago. I can still preview my work on my computer - which doesn`t really help

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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          Do you mean the Adobe Content Viewer on your iPad no longer displays updated or new folios? If so, try signing out and signing back in. If that doesn't work, remove and reinstall the app.

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            dwfuchs1 Level 1

            Yes Bob, the iPad App. I did already reinstall new Apps (on both my iPads 1 and 3). Did sign out and in on all software. No luck

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              jamesroche Level 3

              There are 3 ways to get content onto a device's Content Viewer:

              1. Local Preview via Folio Builder Panel
              2. Pre-publish preview (download titles w/blue banner on folio cover image)
              3. Distribution preview (publish as Free/Private & download)

              Can you be specific on what you're using to view your content? Also, please be specific on the updates you're making to the document. If you're using #3 above, specify your productID and I can look at the backend to see if there's a problem with your document in our distribution service.


              Also, to potentially save another communication loop, please make sure that you have the correct orientation populated in each article. If your folio is Portrait-only, Landscape-only, or Dual Orientation, each article must have all content in tact for you to see the resulting document in a Viewer.


              Please follow up with more guidance on what you're doing and we'll talk you through a solution. Thanks.

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                dwfuchs1 Level 1

                Hi James, thanks a lot - I got it!


                Here is what I did wrong: As I'm already distributing digital magazines in the iPad magazine app store (search Edition Fifty Fathoms) done with another company, I testdrive the new Adobe ID6 possibilities at the moment, as I'm used to work with ID (and love it) and it will be much easier for me to publish via Adobes DPS in the future!

                I just want to make sure I can handle it and know all features before I decide to discard an already functioning system.


                So I was testing »smoth up&down scrolling« in the vertical mode with a regular horizontal mode. Both modes (horizontal and vertical can be previewed in the local preview but the folio producer is only picking one.

                So I had an article with only one mode (horizontal) in my folio.

                After I deleted this article the folio updated on the iPad!

                Thanks a lot for making me checking this!



                But I might have had another problem too:

                It is very difficult to get any assistance in Germany for the DPS! I'm interested in the professional edition but it is nearly impossible to get the Distribution company answer my questions (like can I use my already existing Distribiution Profile with Apple including my already existing Viewer?).

                Before I pay 450 Euro each months, I want to make sure my magazines will work properly and I don`t really want to get a second distribution profile, especially as I have to fulfill subscribtions on the first!

                Anyway to test Adobes posibilities I used the Viewer Builder to construct a Viewer for »Development Provisiong Profiles« and got the upload data from Apple. Unfortunately Adobes Viewer Builder didn't except these (because I have to get an account for DPS first?). So I can`t test a Viewer App just on my iPad as long as I don't pay for DPS - is that it?


                But maybe I did I send my recent updates to this account, as Apple showed it as accepted?

                I cancelled it with Apple this morning, so now I'm not sure if that might have been a problem for the missing updates on my iPad Viewer as well?


                God, I'm pretty sure you won't understand what I really want to say


                Were could I get help with my questions on the DPS Professional Edition?

                I'm publishing my magazines with an american partner and he is trying on his side to get our questions answered.

                But they don't really know either


                Anyway - thanks again for you insights in the Folio producer and your help. I greatly appreciated that!