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    Folio Replacement?

    nousinfo Level 1

      Hi, I have a published folio (Folio A) and have uploaded another folio (Folio B) that is presently unpublished. I want to replace Folio A with Folio B. Is it as simple and Unpublishing Folio A - then deleting it. Populating Folio B with the same details as Folio A (ie same Same publication name, folio name, folio number, product ID etc) and then publishing Folio B?


      If I do this, will there be any conflicts within the DPS organizer?


      I'm hoping for an answer to this asap, thanks

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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          That works fine. I've deleted and re-created public folios as you describe. [Note: This approach results in a duplicate folio for those who downloaded folio A. Archiving folio A makes it disappear for those users, but it's better to keep folio A in place, delete old articles, and replace them with the new ones.]

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            nousinfo Level 1

            OK, I just got the following email from James Roche:


            This is not viable if you already have customers already reading Folio A. These apps would have existing local, downloaded copies of the folio with one folio ID, and your replacement would appear as a totally different folio ID. Also, your subscription logic will be thrown off because of the difference in publication dates AND you might have problems because you'd have 2 folios in your app with the same resolution characteristics (title, productID) and the same dimensions with different IDs.


            The only non-suicidal option for public folios would be to copy the altered content into the existing Folio A and update the folio in Folio Producer. This would retain the folio ID and the Viewer app will ask the user to download the updated articles. Even if every single article changed, this is what you should do. The Folio Producer is pretty quick to copy articles around, and the update would take the same amount of time as any other publish job.


            If both are non-public, your suggestion would be effective. Just unpublish 'A' and publish 'B' with that same data you suggest.


            Good luck, and believe me when I say that the 'update everything' suggestion is really your only option. We've seen publishers big and small try to dig their way out of a hasty move like this, so you're smart for asking for help.



            OK, the issue I had with my first Folio was that I created it in PDF format, and now realise that its not supported on android. I need to quickly replace this public folio with another I've created that’s the exact same, only in JPG format. I need to do this quickly before anyone downloads the first folio. Are you saying I can't just delete the first and uopload the second as a replacement? If not can I update the existing folio from PDF format to JPG?


            …And what if I gave the new folio a different product id?


            Sorry I'm under serious pressure to get this out and Im desperate here…

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              jamesroche Level 3

              Yup. Bob and I are talking offline about that. I pulled down my post, he typed his while I typed mine. While we agree or agree to disagree, I can vouch that my 'update everything' will definitely not hurt your users. Like I said, we've had to help out publications with very very large circulations revert a mistake that started with the very thing you're doing.


              The 'before somebody downloads the first folio' line? If that's the case, unpublish now and publish the new one. You'll have zero problems.


              If you gave the new folio a different product ID, you'd almost certainly run into the 2 folio issue for customers who've already downloaded. You can definitely replace every article and update. I'm being brief to save you time.

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                Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                James and I are still going over the details of this. The safest approach is to delete all the articles in folio A and then copy or import the articles from folio B.

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                  nousinfo Level 1

                  OK, I'm replacing articles in Folio A from Folio B and I'll see how we go. Once the articles are all imported - is it ok to delete Article B - i.e are the articles ACTUALLY copying into Folio A, are is Folio A just linking to Folio B articles?


                  Thanks so much for your help so far.

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                    jamesroche Level 3

                    They do definitely copy, but only on the service side. If you want to update Folio A via the Folio Builder Panel again, you'll have to relink to the articles on your local/networked storage.


                    For safety's sake, I'd advise against deleting Folio B right away particularly for your time constraint. There's no harm in having an unpublished folio in your account just to serve as a backup.


                    Again, good luck. Not sure what country you're in, but it's late in Seattle so I'm going to sign off. I'll be back online bright and early tomorrow, and I'll be interested in hearing how you've done.

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                      nousinfo Level 1

                      OK, articles have been moved and the published folio updated. Works smooth on iPad and Android. Thanks Bob and James for your efforts. Much appreciated.

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                        jamesroche Level 3

                        Thanks for following up, everything seems to have worked out great. Nice!


                        // James Roche

                        // I was born lucky

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                          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                          As a follow-up, I just did an experiment with DPS Tips. As James said, when you unpublish/delete a folio and then re-create it using the exact same metadata, two different folios appear in the library for anyone who downloaded the first folio. If you want to replace the contents of a folio, you did exactly right -- keep the original folio, delete its articles, and then import the new articles.