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    Downloading third party ordered software


      I work for fed govt and my software was ordered by a third party (admin asst). He sent me my serial number but didn't order disks, figuring I'd download from Adobe. I can't seem to download. How do I download (or get the media) without having the third party's password? How can our admin assts order software for us in a manner we can have access?



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          pwillener Level 8

          The person who ordered the software should give you the download link.


          Alternatively you could download a trial version of the software, then use the serial number you were given during the install.  Make sure that the trial software is identical with the software that was ordered.

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            llwhitehouse Level 1

            Thank you for your response. I think the trial version trick is the way to

            go. The dept. chief who ordered us the software did give us the download

            link but it wanted us to log in with his password which would give us

            access to everything he's done for the dept. across the nation and that

            wasn't viable. Fortunately, someone in my building had ordered the full

            version and I was able to use their discs to install my upgrade. Again, I

            appreciate you giving a response to my question, it was most helpful.


            Laura L. Whitehouse

            Regional Visual Info Specialist

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