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    PPD: Adobe missing

    luca del carlo Level 1

      I'm following POD printer's instructions for creating a PDF. Rather than use the Adobe PDF output option of InDesign, the printers advise that a postscript file be created first, then processed in Acrobat Distiller for the final pdf.


      The first step in printing the ps file from ID requires that in the print dialog box under PPD, an Adobe PDF be selected, however, the only option in the menu box is "Device Independent". What needs to be done?


      A quick forum search returned similar but somewhat more complicated scenarios. I'm using CS3 and Windows 7. Thank you in advance.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your question was answered in the InDesign forum.

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            luca del carlo Level 1

            Now that a PDF produced via ID is open in Reader I do not see how one can preflight check this in Adobe Reader, the free version. Is it necessary to buy Acrobat X in order to do a detailed preflight check?


            Also, under Properties in Reader, and then under Description, the PDF producer shows as Adobe PDF Library 8.0, and not Distiller as I think it should, according to the printer's recommendations.

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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              On behalf of Adobe ...


              If the properties of the PDF indicate Adobe PDF Library, it means that the PDF file was created directly by InDesign via the export function.


              Recommendations of some very highly uninformed print service providers notwithstanding, Adobe most strongly recommends production of PDF from InDesign via direct export as opposed to distillation of PostScript. The PostScript generated by InDesign is optimized for direct printing to Adobe PostScript devices, not for generation of PDF!!!


                        - Dov

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                luca del carlo Level 1

                Frankly, Distiller's function is not clear to me; I am merely followoing Ingram/Lightninig Source's instructions to the T, which print millions of books, literally, per year for smaller and larger clients (Harper Collins, Oxford Univeristy Press). Their instructions are below, and I'm quite sorry for the length here, but, and I'll leave it to you, the Adobe experts, to judge how misinformed they may be:


                Exporting InDesign

                In InDesign, first select FILE > Export

                Select a location to save your PDF

                Beside “Format” select Adobe PDF (Print)

                Click “Save”

                For “Adobe PDF Preset” choose PDF/X1a 2001

                or PDF/X3 2002


                Reviewing a PDF Before Submission

                In the Acrobat menu bar select File > Properties

                Select the “Descriptions” tab.

                Near the bottom of the window, you will see a listing for

                “Page Size:” followed by width and height dimensions.

                Please, verify that the PDF document dimensions match

                the dimensions necessary to comply with Lightning

                Source requirements for the item you are uploading.

                (My note: in their example, PDF Producer field shows Distiller)


                Font Embedding

                Within the same dialogue box select the “Fonts” tab.

                Beside the name of each font you should see

                (Embedded) or (Embedded Subset). If you do not see

                those words your fonts are not correctly embedded and

                Lightning Source will not be able to process your file.


                Reviewing a PDF Before Submission

                Color Mode And Resolution

                In the Acrobat menu bar select:

                Edit > Preflight (Acrobat 10)

                Select the “Profiles” tab and scroll down to select “PDF


                • Click the arrow to expand the available options.

                Select “List page objects, grouped by

                type of object” and click “Analyze”.

                A list of results will appear. Click on the triangle(s) next to

                “Resolution of color and grayscale images” to view a

                listing of all images present in the PDF.

                For covers Lightning Source recommends CMYK 300ppi

                images and for interiors recommends 1-bit black & white

                line art at 600 ppi and 8-bit grayscale 300ppi continuous tone



                Checking for Spot Colors and Color Density

                In the Acrobat menu bar select:

                Windows > Tools > Print Production and select

                Output Preview (v10)

                This window will list all colors used in your document and

                percentages of each color. The only colors that should be

                present are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. If any spot

                colors are used please return to the application used to

                create your document and covert all colors to CMYK.

                When the Output Preview window is open you can move

                your cursor over the PDF and view the CMYK values in your

                file. This is a good time to verify that the barcode used is

                100% black only and that your cover does not have large

                areas of color that exceed 240% Total Area Coverage.

                If concerned about excessive color density you can select

                the box at the bottom of the window labeled “Total Area

                Coverage”, select a maximum limit and all offending areas

                will be highlighted.

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                  Bill@VT Level 7

                  Every time you see an instruction about Acrobat, it implies that you are using Acrobat, not Reader. Reader can not do a lot of the items listed. You should be able to check for font embedding and some of the other items under the document properties in Reader, but that is about it. You can not make any changes in Reader if there are issues that you find.