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    [Error: exportArticleFolio] ????

    Yves Apel - IC Level 2



      does anyone know what [Error: exportArticleFolio] tries to tell me? And how could I resolve the error?

      A working file won't get uploaded anymore since the mandatory folio builder panel update.




      Help Adobe! I have a presentation with the customer in 5 hours (GMT 14:00 +0200) from now!


      (InDesign CS6, latest versions of plugins)



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          toutoungi Level 1

          Hi guys.

          i have the same problem. I updated yesterday - did not have a problem when i tested after the update yesterday. Today it is not working on one of the 6 Articles in my folio.






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            Yves Apel - IC Level 2

            OK, the customer wasn't amused due to the missing presentation, as I couldn't upload my folio.

            To bad. This will cost us additional hours of work that were not previewed and that the customer is not paying.

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              Jianlan S. Adobe Employee

              Could you provide the version numbers in the Folio Builder panel About dialog? There are 2 versions in that dialog, one for panel itself and another one for digitalpublishing plug-in. Thanks.



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                Yves Apel - IC Level 2



                here they are:


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                  Jianlan S. Adobe Employee

                  Looks like your panel and plug-in versions are correct. Could you email me (jsong@adobe.com) offline some additional info for further investigation:

                  1. Was the article created before the panel upgrade and you were trying to update the article? Or did you try to create a new article after panel upgrade?

                  2. Is this issue specific to a certain InDesign file or general problem with all articles? If specific to certain file(s), could you send me the InDesign source file?

                  3. If you were trying to create a new article, did you do it through "New article" or "Import article" menu?




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                    Yves Apel - IC Level 2



                    The good news are. It is working since 2 hours now! The curious thing about it is that I was not restarting my machine and even not relaunching InDesign.

                    The bad news are that there is now a problem of scrollable content inside an MSO. The scrollable content is shifted by 30 px to the right!

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                      toutoungi Level 1


                      Sorry for tagging along.... I have exactly the same problems - shifted scrolable content, and also shifted Buttons... The buttons in some non-scrolable MSO's are also shifted in my folios...


                      I am also using the latest versions of CS6 with the latest DPS updates... I have even generated the folios 2 different PCs - and a Mac hoping that would make a difference... Mac exported the Article without any error messages, but the iPad downloads all other articles except the one that had an error mesage on the windows PC...



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                        toutoungi Level 1

                        Hi Jianlan,

                        like i said i am having exactly the same problems...


                        to answere your questions:

                        1. the articles were created before the panel upgrade. I was updating, them and when that did not work i created new ones with the upgraded panel.

                        2. The error was specific to one article/InDesign Doc. But the shifted buttons in the MSOs and the schifted scrolable frames in the MSOs are in all alrticles in the folio but not in all MSOs (I have only 2 different types of MSOs in the documents.)

                        3. I used the "create new article". We also created several new folios... testing out different options to try and figure out what was causing the problem...


                        I am having other performance problems as well on both the new iPad and the iPad 2. I have shared the folios with the european support team and they are testing them. Could you also acces these if i gave you the case ID's?




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                          toutoungi Level 1

                          Hi again...

                          just tried to fix the "SHIFTING" problem by generating, in a compleatly new InDesign doc, a NEW MSO with scrolable content. ie. A new document, with new content, a new MSO with the new DPS updates - Reults - NEGATIVE! shifted scrolable frames in MSO - 6 px shift to the right!




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                            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            @toutoungi – can we discuss the "SHIFTING" problem in a all new thread or in the following thread by Yves Apel:


                            Scrollable content inside an MSO bug




                            Because that problem has nothing to do with the Folio Builder problem "[Error: exportArticleFolio]".



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                              I got the same error message earlier. I was trying to import a smooth scrolling vertical page into a pdf folio. It seems as though there is a maximum length a page can be to be imported as a pdf. I would make sure your software is up-to-date and try importing it as a png. That worked for me.

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                                Yan Haus

                                I managed to fix this problem. I was getting this error message when updating my folio for testing on the iPad. I would copy and paste images from a print InDesign doc into my DPS doc for a slideshow. For some reason, that was where the problem was occuring. I simply placed my images directly into the DPS doc (not copy and paste) and the folio was bundled properly. Not sure why it wasn't working, as all links were intact and were in RGB... but that's how I got it playing nicely again!