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    Adobe Content Viewer v22 for Android - folio update issue

    Andrew Smith

      Yesterday I updated our Xoom to Android 4.1.1 and updated the Adobe Content Viewer to v22.  Both we and a client have had issues with not seeing the "Update Available" message for folios that are been updated.  The "Updating Library..." message flashes briefly at the top of the viewer in library mode, however nothing changes.  It's only after killing the app and restarting that it takes its time while checking the library for updates and finds them.  Has anyone else had this issue?  The iPad rendition of the same folio has been showing update messages in the usual, almost instantaneous, way.


      Has anyone else had difficulty with updating folios in the Android v22 Adobe Content Viewer?  In the past couple of versions I've noticed some strangeness with the Sign In/ Sign Out part of the library where it seems like the text tells you you're signed in, but sometimes you have to sign out and sign back in to get updates.  Sometimes you could go back to the home screen and then go back into the app and it would trigger a check for updates as well, however that trick doesn't seem to be working anymore.



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