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    .pdf file size limits


      Is there a limit to .pdf file size or page count?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          PDF files can be very large, both in size and page count. But the limitation isn't in what can be included but what can be reasonably read in PDF readers. They will be limited by the memory of the device your recipients will be reading it on.


          What file size and page count are you contemplating?

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            Pricon52 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.  The file size is over 650mb and around 2000 pages.


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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You should have no problem with that file size.

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                Bill@VT Level 7

                I don't know that I would assume no problem. A lot of folks do not have high end machines. At 650 MB, you may have a much larger memory use when graphics and such are open for display. I would expect a lot of virtual memory (disk) being used and slowing down the viewing substantially. I would strongly recommend looking at what is making the file so large (maybe the 2000 pages) and seeing if you can reduce the size. You might also consider having multiple PDFs that are linked, rather than one big one.

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                  CtDave Level 5

                  Just to confirm what Bill said —


                  I have several 'boxes' that I use each day.

                  They range from the typical, adequate, lower price point to a high end 'power-box'.

                  I have occasion to combine a large PDF document collection into a single PDF having a foot print of just under 800Mb (page count out around 2,000).

                  When using the 'typical, adequate, lower price point' box this large PDF can only be consumed at a crawl.

                  Bottom line is that the typical box has less RAM, resources, and integrated graphics rather than a adequately robust independent graphics card.

                  These boxes just do not provide the 'logistical' support to applications (Adobe Reader, Acrobat, whatever) that render PDFs with the very high file size foot print.

                  Particularly so if the PDF contains a good dose of graphics.


                  For the most part I've found that end-users seriously avoid such PDFs.


                  Be well...


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