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    Illustrator CS6 download through Creative Cloud "appears corrupted" according to App Manager

    HMA Marketing

      I'm trying to install Illustrator CS6 through the Adobe Application Manager on Mountain Lion 10.8.  All of the other apps downloaded and installed fine.


      But when trying to downlaod Illustrator, it downlaods the file, and the a message appears saying "The download appears corrupted.  Please Cancel, wait a few minutes and try again. (-60)".  I've been trying off and on for the past week or so now.


      Any tips or tricks?


      Not sure if it's relevant since the other apps installed fine, but I'm currently installing to a new external SSD drive that I've booted from.  I'm installing all the software I need onto it.  Then once I'm done and ready, I'll swap drives.


      I'm running Apple OS 10.8 on a Macbook Pro with 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo procs and 8GB of RAM.  The MacBook Pro is a 17-inch early 2009 model (first unibody model).