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    Preferences stopping Photoshop Elements Editor from opening


      I have Photoshop Elements 5.0 (with the 5.0.2 update installed) on Windows 7 and for a while I couldn't get it to open, I'd click on the shortcut and the start-up window thing would open (the thing with the patents and 'registered to...' etc), but it would always stop responding when it got to "Scanning for presets". I found the solution to this problem on another thread, which was to delete the preferences file from the Photoshop folders. After doing this I can open the Editor again and it works perfectly right up until I stop working, then the next time I try to open the Editor I get the same problem, which can again be temporarily fixed by deleting the preferences file- so basially I know the problem is with the preferences.


      I know I could just delete the preferences file every time I wanted to use Photoshop and it would only be a minor irritance but ideally I'd like to fix it properly. Does anyone have any ideas?