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    CS6 Crashes in Mountain Lion

    rossbb Level 1

      I know this is a redundent thread, but I really need some help here.Since upgrading to mountain lion, Indesign, Illustrator and dreamweaver have all started crashing on launch. Specifically when trying to restore a previous session/document. I have tried deleteing preference, and re-installing and noting works for more than a few minutes. This is wrecking havoc with my workload! HELP!!!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          When all else fails, back up your data and do a clean install of Moutain Lion. I'm having no issues at all after doing it that way.



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            rossbb Level 1

            That is just not possible for me right now. I need another solution. :-(

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry, but I have nothing else to offer. Hopefully someone else will be along with something. But keep in mind that a clean install followed by a reinstall of CS6 shouldn't take more than a few hours. In the mean time you can't get anything done.



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                I have same issues with Illustrator and Dreamweaver (didn't install IDesign, so couldn't say)

                I had issues with Yousendit.app

                and Google Chrome - all crashing on startup. I managed to get Chrome to work by deleting settiings folder 'Default'...so I tried this route by renaming the adobe 'profile' folders - no joy.

                I called Apple tech support - waste of time - they are saying it's the software companies not keeping up...

                I keep hoping that Adobe will sort this one soon either by issuing some kind of advice or patch. I have a workaround by using old software but it's not ideal - I was hoping the Creative Cloud subscription would have been worth it, but sadly I am back to older software, which works...and leaves me wondering why I bothered to upgrade.

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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I agree with Bob. You need to do a clean installation of the operating system.


                  The great majority of us are having no problems with those applications.

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                    splashby9 Level 1

                    it's great that the (moral:-) majority are doing OK, however, some are not and Apple don't state that are clean install is required. My mac is only three months old and I don't have unnecessary programmes or stuff on the system. it should be able to handle an upgrade I would think...i moved from a PC to avoid this kinda stuff - perhaps an unrealistic expectation, but not just mine...

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                      jeffdowell Level 1

                      Adobe had me do several things (complete re-install, mod the preferences, etc.) to my brand new 27" Imac, with Mountain Lion.

                      CS4 worked perfectly until i installed CS6. Sad to say i have been having some issue on the new user account as well.


                      As quoted by Team Adobe India,

                      "We wanted to inform you that, if the application is working on one user account and causing issue on another, then there is very little that can be done to resolve it. All the steps have already been performed from our side.

                      Please contact Apple, provide them with all the information and check with them if they can help you with troubleshooting the issue which is only on a specific user account."


                      CS4 worked fine on Mountain Lion.

                      CS6 is very unstable.


                      +1 point for Apple, and to the dungeons for Adobe

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                        Just wanted to report that I am having the same issue.  InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator CS6 all crash upon launch after Mountain Lion install.


                        I also did an in-place upgrade after reading numerous posts that Adobe had found no issues with Mountain Lion.


                        I do not wish to do a clean install of the OS, as I don't have the time nor the desire to do that (have also read that this has only helped some people with the issue -- pretty big time commitment for no garantee of a fix).  All of the other apps I use on a regular basis are working fine.  I'm sure there is something specific with Adobe that is causing this.


                        I have tried the following so far:

                        - Reinstall of CS6

                        - Uninstall / Ran Adobe Cleaner / Reinstall of CS6

                        - Tried a Java Update that someone said had fixed their issue

                        - Tried deactivating / reactivating


                        Creating a second user works for me -- I can switch to the second user and the above apps all seem to work.  But I see this as a temporary fix.  I have already submitted a bug/error report on Adobe's web site, and I encourage you all to do the same.


                        Hopefully this will get Adobe to take a closer look at this issue.

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                          Jeff.Clarke Level 1

                          I finally got it to work. Here are the steps I took:


                          - removed cs6 using the adobe cs cleaner tool

                          - restarted my MacBook into the recovery partition

                          - I did a disk check (there were no errors)

                          - I did a permissions check.  It fixed a bunch of issues, one of which had something to do with my java installation

                          - restarted my MacBook.

                          - I have a seagate momentous Xt hybrid ssd hard drive installed so I decided to update its firmware. I had read about problems with macs and although I had never experienced any I decided to update from sd25 to sd28 after doing a full backup of my drive.

                          - restarted my MacBook

                          - reinstalled adobe cs6 and now all apps are behaving


                          I'm not sure if my fix was because of the permissions repair (I suspect it was) or the firmware update, but now it is working. Maybe this will help somebody else.

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                            Jeff.Clarke Level 1

                            Update 2


                            InDesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver all started crashing again today right after launch.  Not sure what changed, Illustrator was working this morning.  Dreamweaver was the first one to crash, then after that all three crash every time.


                            Running a susbsequent permissions repair (which didn't find any new permissions errors) fixed things again, but I suspect this will only be temprary. 

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                              rossbb Level 1



                              While I appreciate your swift response and apologize for the delay in mine (my password suddenly stopped working and it took more than a week to get it fixed), I feel this is more than a bit unfair.  I trust and believe that your advice was given in good faith and good will. However, I find the exasperation and curtness rather uncalled for. These forums have now made it very clear that even clean re-installs are not helping many of us. Also, the idea that such a process "Shouldn't take more than a few hours", seems to assume that the process only involves the OS and Creative suite. It is typically at least a two to three day process for me to get everything restored and set back up, and even then I find items missing that need to be fixed or restored for weeks. So it's really not a simple thing to do. There is just too much involved. Additionally, while I am thrilled that not everyone is experiencing these issues, I find it more than slightly unjust to assume that those of us that are have not done everything in our power to resolve them. As you can see from these forums, many of us have gone through the clean-install process, and more, still to no avail. As the ability to discern low level programmatic conflicts is not something readliy available or possible for most people, I'm afraid this task must fall to the program creators. And, while I am not so naive as to assume this is a one sided problem between adobe and apple, it seems more likely to be fixed by a CS update than and OS update. Thank you again for your reply. Here's hoping for a quick resolution to this issue that is hindering so many of us in our work.

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                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                I answer a lot of questions here and while I come off a bit short I can assure you that I do care about people's problems.


                                The fact is it's a bit exasperating to see people complaining about problems when they took a perfectly good machine and did an operating system upgrade the first day it was released breaking rule number one: if it ain't broke don't fix it.


                                I am truly sorry that you are having problem but I don't see anyone else offering anything better than a clean install. I hope someone else comes along with some miraculous cure to this but I just don't have anything else to offer.


                                Should you find something on any other site, I'm sure other users would appreciate the information.



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                                  Jeff.Clarke Level 1

                                  To be fair, Bob, I had done a lot of reading to ensure the apps I would work properly, among them were multiple reassuarnces from various Adobe blogs that no known issues existed with CS6 and Mountain Lion.  I also did not upgrade right away.  I waited three weeks to see if there were any big problems which would surely have surfaced in any of the various tech blogs that I read on a regular basis.  Perhaps it would have been more prudent to have waited three months, but it's not like I dove in head first before checking to see if there was no water in the pool.


                                  I'm doing my best to troubleshoot this problem, and am reporting my findings to try and help others who are also searching for solutions.  I'm in agreement with many others here in thinking that doing a clean install is not a good solution.  In fact doing a reformat and reinstall  is a rather inelegant way of having to solve computer issues.  It's like using a hammer to kill a fly.   I would say the same for Windows issues  -- it's very rare that you actually need to de a full reformat to solve Windows problems as well -- it's a lazy way of approaching it, and even if the problem is solved, you'll never know what was wrong, nor how to help others fix the issue.  As many here have reported, doing a clean install didn't help everyone, so clearly it's not the right fix.  There is somethign very specific going on that needs to be patched.  By sharing all of the things we're trying we'll eventually find a pattern.  For example, why is it that the apps seem to work fine after you create a new user?  Why, in my case, does a permissions repair fix the problem temporarily?  I'd bet that both of those are linked and do a fair job of pointing us in the right direction..


                                  Of course I could always revert back to a backup before Mountain Lion was installed, but on the whole, my computing experience has gotten better with Mountain Lion.  There were lots of problems I had previously in Lion that are now fixed.  And many new features are welcome -- Notification Centre anyone?


                                  So we're not "complaining" as you put it, we're trying to solve a problem that a growing number of us are experiencing.  Somebody has to be first to upgrade, otherwise it would just take longer for problems like this to arise, and even longer for them to be resolved.

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                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    I think you may have missed my point.




                                    Doing a clean install is definitely a drastic step in fixing issues but only (IMO) on a system that hasn’t been upgraded. I would certainly not recommend that as a first step on a machine with an operating system that was originally a clean install until all other avenues have been explored.




                                    I can only relay my own personal experience and it’s been bad on Windows and Mac as far as upgrading an operating system is concerned. I swore it off a long time ago and find the clean install a far better, though certainly more difficult road to take. It also allows me to plan everything out and decide what I want to keep and what I don’t want. In the end I am left to wonder if a problem was the upgrade or something else.





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                                      Jeff.Clarke Level 1

                                      Update 3


                                      Illustrator started crashing again.  I tried restting my PRAM, and Illustrator started back up.  Will post back after a while to let you know if this was permanent.

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                                        Jeff.Clarke Level 1

                                        Update 4:


                                        Illustrator started crashing again.  I've now tried this: http://d43.me/blog/1370/fix-for-applications-crashing-on-startup-in-mountain-lion/


                                        Seems to have fixed my issue for now.  We'll see for how long.

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                                          Jeff.Clarke Level 1

                                          Update 5:


                                          Dreamweaver crashed, so I don't think the above fix worked either.  Running a permissions repair fixed it temporarily again. Like before, no permissions errors reported.  Something is being reset during the permissions repair that could lead us to the culprit.

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                                            Jeff.Clarke Level 1

                                            Update 6:


                                            Apple released the 10.8.1 update today.  I tried to start Illustrator prior to applying the update and it crashed on startup like usual.  I then applied the update, and all three affected apps started without issue.  Will report back after a few days if the fix is permanent.

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                                              jeffdowell Level 1

                                              SWEET! I just did the apple 10.8.1 update, and CS6 no longer crashes. Finally.

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                                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                Glad to hear that this Apple update fixed the issue.



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                                                  Jeff.Clarke Level 1

                                                  Update 7:


                                                  10.8.1 Seems to have fixed the problem for good.  I have been in and out of Dreamweaver and Illustrator over the last 24 hours and it has been stable.  Before the update, it would only take an hour maximum for the problem to reappear.

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                                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                    While Adobe software will never be considered bug-free, I think this should be a lesson to those who were screaming that Adobe needs to fix this. Not necessarily here but in other threads and forums as well.


                                                    Good to see that people are up and running in any event.



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                                                      Where did you get the update? I am having the same issues and cannot get InDesign to open at all. So frustrating!!

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                                                        Jeff.Clarke Level 1

                                                        On your Mac, click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen, and then choose "Software Update..."

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                                                          splashby9 Level 1

                                                          The update is for Mountain Lion - this is the fix. Follow previous post (helpful directions)..and you'll be there)

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                                                            I just updated to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and now Adobe CS6, especially InDesign is crashing almost continuously. I have done a reformat of my hard drive and reinstall of CS6, and have updated or deleted all other programs. I am not currently using anything that is not supposedly Mountain Lion compatible, yet I am re-starting my machine about 70 times per day and have gotten no work done for over a week. Adobe insists it is not their problem. I suspect Font Explorer X Pro as crashes seem to happen when I activate a font and when switching between InDesign and Font Explorer X Pro windows. I removed all my fonts from Font Explorer and then Font Doctored them, and re-imported them (after clearing out all font caches) and I've been on the phone with Apple and Adobe all day, but to know avail. Zapping the PRam helped for a bit. Nothing seems to fix it for good.


                                                            Does anyone have any ideas? I am ready to throw this machine into the bay and go work at McDonalds.

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                                                              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                                              And what happens if you totally uninstall Font Explorer X Pro? Does InDesign still crash? If not, you know the variable! If you still have crashes, it still may be a crufty font causing the problem. Remove all non-system fonts and gradually add back until the crashes start. Voila, you will have your culprit.


                                                                        - Dov


                                                              PS:     Do you want fries with your fonts?

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                                                                I have exactly the same problems with 10.8.2 and Adobe CS6 on my new machine - especially in Indesign. Crashes, many "freezes" during work (the beachball clock is working all the time; even if i just select somthing in the file or try to move an object) Photoshop and illustartor seem to work fine.


                                                                Did you manage to solve the issue? If you did; i'll be glad to hear how...


                                                                (i'm even considering to use 10.6.8 on my new machine.

                                                                I have and older machine with 10.6.8 and CS6 work there wonderfully)




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                                                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                  This is a suite related forum. If it's InDesign crashing go to the InDesign forum and post a link to your crash report. DO NOT POST THE REPORT ON THE FORUM.


                                                                  You can copy/paste the report to pastebin.com and post a link to it in the InDesign forum.



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                                                                    Taron46 Level 1

                                                                    Hi Bob


                                                                    Sorry i'm on the wrong forum; but:


                                                                    I'm looking for a solution for over a week now - talked to Adobe's Support many times; done everything they have suggested but no success.

                                                                    When i saw jh100's report it was exactly as he was describing my problems. Since i can't contact him directly i made my report here so hopefully he will see it and maybe give me an idea..


                                                                    Is there a way i can contact him/her directly?




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                                                                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                      I'm trying to help you here. I'm an InDesign expert but I'm not an

                                                                      expert at reading crash reports.


                                                                      Please...for your own good, post a crash report on pastebin.com and then

                                                                      post a link to that in the InDesign forum.


                                                                      That forum is well monitored and has very heavy participation. This one



                                                                      As far as contacting a user directly, you can try to private message the

                                                                      person by going to their profile.



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                                                                        Taron46 Level 1





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                                                                          jh100 Level 1

                                                                          Hi Bob. . . Where do you post issues with Bridge?