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    Issues using Shared Drive

    Kenny Miracle



      I have an internal network set up with multiple Macs sharing the storage on one RAID. It's basically a SAN, only customized, instead of built by a company.


      I'm encountering some issues with PrP CS 6.0.1.


      1) I can't export any file over 2GB onto the drive, but I can to the desktop.


      2) When importing some QT video files over 100 GB, it crashes when the file comes from the shared drive. But if I import the same exact file from a local drive, it is perfectly smooth.


      Any thoughts about this?



      Kenny Miracle


      Mac Pro 8-Core

      OS 10.7.4

      24 GB Ram

      nVidia GeForce GT 120 for dual displays

      nVidia Quadro 4000 Mac for GPU processing