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    Photoshop CS6 Starts Slow

    gswetsky Level 1

      I had CS5 and installed CS6 32 and 64 bit.  All was going well.  The Photoshop splash screen would appear as soon as I started it.


      Then, in order to troubleshoot some bug, I removed and reinstalled CS6 32 and 64.  Now there is about a seven second or longer delay before the splash screen appears.  If I stop Photoshop and restart it, it's as fast as it used to be.


      So that makes me think I have something in my start up list that's no longer running.  In going through WinPatrol, I have stopped ADOBE ARM and AdobeCS5ServiceManager from running on start up, however, it seems to me those were not running before.


      In services, Adobe SwitchBoard is set to manual and is not running.  But that service doesn't run when P'shop is running.  Any ideas?