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    **Unable to Render, Greyed out button (partially solved)

    resonance imaging

      I have Speedgrade installed on a Macbook Pro with CS6 which has always seemed to have problems rendering.  Sometimes the files don't show up unless you search for them through the finder even though they show in Speedgrade as being rendered to a folder.  If you go to the folder they arent there.  Now the rendering button is permanently greyed out and I can't output any files.  I am updated to version 6.02 and it doesn't seem to matter what codec I select.  It rendered fine (except for weird folder behavior) and then suddenly stopped last night. 


      The upgrade to 6.02 fixed the crashing when trying to select Avid DnxHD but hasnt fixed the render issue.


      **the file path was causing the problem, just creating a folder that sits on the desktop is working fine now.  Still get random crashes when rebuilding reels though.