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    article update issue

    jbalmain Level 1

      hi there

      i installed the new folio builder panel this morning, it worked fine when i uploaded/updated my first articles, now i got messages saying


      "Une erreur s'est produite lors de la mise à jour des mises en forme de l'article.

      Le fichier InDesign pour la mise en forme est introuvable. Veuillez relier l'article aux fichiers source souhaitées."


      google translation:


      "An error occurred while updating layouts section.
      The InDesign file for formatting is not found. Please link to article source files you want"


      can someone help me please ?


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          jamesroche Level 3

          We have a bug where outer ASCII characters in your file path will impact publishing in this manner. Can you check to see if there are any such characters in your file path or name?




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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @James – can you list those characters or give us the range(s) of Unicode values where thiese problems occur so we could check against a full file path of an InDesign file?


            With the following JavaScript (ExtendScript) snippet you'll get the full file path information of your active InDesign file on the Mac. The script is writing to the console of the Extendscript Toolkit (ESTK).


            }catch(e){$.writeln(app.documents[0].name+"\t\t"+"There is no path. File was never saved.")};


            Or use the following code snippet to get all the file paths for all opened InDesign files:


            for(var n=0;n<allOpenFiles.length;n++){
                }catch(e){$.writeln(allOpenFiles[n].name+"\t\t"+"There is no path. File was never saved.")};


            That snippets could be expanded in functionality to check any unicode range(s) against the full file path strings. But for that we need all the values for characters that are affected…



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              jamesroche Level 3

              Acceptable characters include A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and standard file name punctuation. We have bugs where characters raided of the common range of US English keyboard values cause problems when used in file names and paths.




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                Bart Van de Wiele Level 3

                Hij jbalmain,


                I noticed your error message was originaly in French, so I assume you are also using French named folders on your mac/pc. As jamesroche already assumed the problem may be the filepath of your article.


                As a DPS reseller I've had several support calls where (French speaking) customers used accents in their folder names on the mac, and later received an error when trying to access those files in their folio. E.g. putting an audio file in a folder on the desktop that has a name like "déjà vu". Later, in the folio, when pushing the button that would normally play that audio file results in an eror of a "missing file", or "inaccessible URL". Remove the accents and the file plays ok.

                And btw that error can only be found on the tablet, the desktop content viewer has no issues with that.