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    Illustator CS3 - "die Illustation kann nicht gespeichert werden" / the illustration can't be saved


      One of our customers gets since three weeks the error: "Die Illustration kann nicht gespeichert werden" I guess it is in english: the illustration can't be saved.


      This only happens with one font "Frutiger LT Com".

      This happens on all workstations (Win XP).

      There were no changes in the enviroment (no Win-updates, no Adobe-updates).


      We tried:

      Reinstalling the font (didn't help)

      Deinstalling the AntiVirus-Software (didn't help)

      Reinstalling the whole CS3-Suite (didn't help)


      We tried the font on a CS5 on another customer without any problems.


      The error occours only in illustrator, not on other products of the CS.


      Can anybody help me.