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    Captivate 6 and IE issues


      Hello Everyone,


      I am using a PC, Win 7 OS, 64 bit, 3.2 GHz with 24 GB RAM.


      Using Captivate 6, I developed an overview with voice-over: project is 27 MB.


      The project was working fine and publishing. I attempted to place one of our eLearning swf intros onto the first slide (5 MB), and the file started displaying issues. First, the background of slide 3 would display parts of itself on slide 5. I deleted the .swf opening, replaced it with a static png and the backgrounds cleared up.


      When I work in Captivate, the slides function as they should. However, when I publish the file (SWF player 9, 10, 10.2 and 11), instead of playing each slide, it will move to a new slide, show the background and play the audio. However, the playbar displays the "play" triangle and none of the interactions (  or text) that are timed will play. You then have to click the play button 3 or 4 times for the slide to show the textboxes/ highlightboxes and click boxes.


      This is the same in IE and Firefox.


      I tried removing the timing issue by having all the items load with the slide. They will all load, but you cannot move forward unless you select the play button 3 times.


      I have experienced a few weird things with Captivate 4, 5, and now 6; but this has me stumped.


      Any thoughts?



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          Sankaram Adobe Employee

          Hi Mike,

               Do you have slide transisions enabled in your project? if so, can you remove them and re-publish the project. If you still face issue with published output, can you upload the project to Acrobat.com and send me an email sankaram@adobe.com




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            RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Am I correct in understanding that your 5 mb SWF intro on the first slide is actually another Captivate published project?

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              Stickney215 Level 1

              Thank you Sankaram,


              I only had 6 of the 50 slides with a fade transition, but once I moved those to "No Transition" it cleared up most of the issues. There were some "ghost" remnants, where I had to duplicate the slides and remove all timing before they would work, as created.


              Very strange... I noticed that every slide with an issue had a "Character" inserted, whereas, the slide videos, text, and images did not have any issues.


              Anyway, thank you for your response.



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                Stickney215 Level 1

                Hello Rod,


                No this was not a project. It was an eLearning intro the company uses. It was created in AE and rendered as a swf file. I have used it on other projects for them, but Captivate 6 did not care for it. Thank you for your response.



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                  RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  OK. Understood.  Just a point to make:  Having a 5 meg file load right at the beginning of a Captivate e-learning presentation is not usually a very good idea. Unless your users are on really high bandwidth that would download that amount of data within a few seconds, the initial download is likely to cause a lengthy pause before playback can begin.  Some users might even find the video buffering annoyingly.  I realise that you're probably mandated to use this intro for branding reasons, but if you start having issues with complaints about playback, it might give you some clout with the corporate style nazis if you have already sounded a warning that their largish intro file could cause issues.  It's generally wiser to place any large files further into the lesson so that they have already downloaded by the time the user reaches them.  This gives a more seamless playback experience.

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                    Kathrynxyzzy Level 1

                    We are having some of the same issues with Captivate 6.

                    Our files are not large, 20 to 40 mb average.

                    We almost never use transitions - actually make that never.

                    These have no video, no external swf files.

                    Randomly... the published files and the Preview in web browser, fail to play audio files.

                    It is most often the first slide with audio, but happens randomly throughout the file.

                    To fix, I move the audio file a couple of 10ths of sec one way or the other and the slide publishes fine the next time, but some other slide(s) then picks up the problem.

                    Occasionally there will be graphics or parts of graphics from a previous slide show up on later slides (no, they are not set to "rest of project") and also slides that "red screen".

                    When graphics "ghost" and "red screen" happens the only way to fix those slides is to re-create the them deleting the old one (corrupted slide?). I believe "red screen" was a memory problem? our computers meet the minimum requirements for running Captivate 6.

                    What is really weird is that these problems have been getting worse, every week we are having more and more problems.

                    2 computers running 64bit and 3 running 32 bit.

                    We have started clearing cache several times a day... restarting the program before and after the cache delete, and rebooting the computers. I have now spent the last 10 hours or so trying to get one file to publish without errors.

                    Project Info....48 slides, Time 6 mins 27.1 secs (11613 frames) Resolution: 800 x 600 with 0 hidden slides, cptx size 26,223 KB, published swf size 10,258 KB. All of our files are published twice, once with and once without SCORM 1.2 reporting.

                    This project had some sides copied into it from a file that was upgraded from 5.5 to 6. All of our templates were originally created in 5.5 and converted to 6.

                    We are getting less and less done every day. In the last two days our productivity has ground to halt.


                    Please help, I really don't know what to do at this stage. If the files would revert, I would go back to 5.5 just to get some projects delivered.

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                      same issues with audio as Kathrynxyzzy - any resolution?? Need this quickly - please! im emailing to sankaram@adobe.com

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                        Kathrynxyzzy Level 1



                        One thing that seemed to help at least part of my problems was deleting the preferences file(s):

                        C:\Users\You\AppData\Local\Adobe\Captivate 6.0

                        Save any new themes (skins) or workspaces you’ve created and then delete the entire contents of that folder. This has really stabilized things for me.



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                          Stacey399 Level 1

                          thanks so much for the quick reply...unfortunately it didnt work, just tried it. same results...should have built in v5...