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    Some questions about importing HTML files

    Gusgsm Level 2

      Hi, folks


      Let's suppose we want to import a pack of HTML files formatted in HTML5 wit's it's CSS into a double-oriented folio. A couple or three questions about that, please:


      1. Is there a limit for a reasonable quantity of HTML files I can import into a folio? I mean.. 100 would be way too much, for instance?


      2. These HTML files could be navigated and referenced from inside TOC-pages made in InDesign,right? (navto://..., I gues?)


      2. Will it be possible, by means of HTML adaptative design techniques, to treat both orientations (vertical and horizontal) as different viewports or screen sizes so that the design adapts for instance the column width with its CSS?


      3. That said, will the InDesign final app. respect that adaptative CSS rules?


      I am asking this because we are looking for a way to inject big quantities of content with a very similar design into our application in a really fast and automatizable way and I have the suspicion* that importing HTML5 preformated CSS files could be the a very good and simple alternative to importing XML into InDesign templates as we start out content as tagged almost-html files.


      Thanks a lot


      Gustavo Sánchez (Posting from Madrid)