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    Photoshop CS6 extended won't import videos, help please?


      Before I get to the meat and potatoes (details), I'd like to ask that you don't be an @$$ with your answers, please, if my friend is doing something wrong, don't just say "well, derp, you're doing something wrong", actually tell me what he's doing wrong so I can tell him and he can fix the issue. He'd post but he's having internet issues as of 10 minutes ago.


      My friend got Photoshop CS6 extended so he could do a few things with his photos, he also wanted to try out some of the stuff with the video editing, and since it's the extended version, it should (at least in theory) import video, right? Wrong, no matter what format he converts to he gets an error telling him he's using the right kind of document. I have seen the photoshop video editor, my friend has seen the video editor, but we can't get it on his copy of photoshop because he can't get a video to import no matter what format he converts to. Is there a way to fix this or has the promise of video editing in the extended version of photoshop just been a lie? I'm confused, please help.












      .mpg (mpeg1 and mpeg2)






      webM format



      NONE OF THESE FORMATS WORK FOR VIDEO EDITING IN PHOTOSHOP CS6 EXTENDED. He can use it for photo but he really wants to try the video editor since he doesn't like movie maker and he can't afford any other video editing software right now.