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    AEGP - How to get comp of active timeline, even if other comp is view-locked?




      I'm creating an AEGP that needs to check flags and in/out of all layers in the active comp continuously. I loop through my layers in my IdleHook, and since there's no heavy processing (almost none if nothing has changed) it seems to work well without affecting performance much. It would be great if I could track whenever the timeline has been manipulated, if user is done dragging a layer or manipulates layer flags, but as far as I understand, this is not possible with the SDK?


      Anyway my real problem is that I need to check the layers in the active Timeline. Right now I use AEGP_GetActiveItem to get the comp and it works perfectly, until I click the lock for the view of one comp and switch to another timeline. Now AEGP_GetActiveItem will still get the locked comp seen in the Viewer, even though active Timeline has changed. Is there any way to know what comps are currently open in timeline tabs, or even better get the comp of the active timeline?


      Any help would be very appreciated!


      Thanks in advance

      Petter Bergmar