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    How to get Notification before opening a document?



      I have two questions-


      1) As in Illustrator SDK, we have a notifier "kAIDocumentOpenedNotifier", which comes when a document is opened. My problem is, if document is having some missing fonts, then Illustrator first throws the missing font window and then sends the "kAIDocumentOpenedNotifier" notification. Is there any way to get this notification at very start of opening document(before missing font window)?


      We have "kAIDocumentAboutToCloseNotifier" notifier. but this is from close doc event. I want the same for open doc event


      Note : We have such notifier in Indesign SDK - "kBeforeOpenDocSignalResponderService"


      2) I am also having trouble in finding the format of fonts, used in document?(eg- TrueType,OpenType,Postscript etc)


      Please help me in above problems or provide some suitable link as i am not able to find the solution nywhere.