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    Converting AVCHD to another format (slow PC)


      Hi all, I hope you can help.  I have searched the forum and couldn't find quite the right answer to my question.


      I have a Panasonic HDC-SD80 video camera that shoots in 1920 x 1080i at 60 fps.  It has the following options:


      HA, HG, HX, HE


      I have no idea what difference these make, so my first question is of course "what difference do these settings make.


      More importantly, I am aware that adobe premiere elements does not support 60fps.  Added to this I am also aware that my PC (2Ghz, 4GB RAM, windows 7) will be under fairly hefty strain trying to do anything with this at all.


      I am not all that bothered about a really high quality video, standard TV resolution (non HD) would be fine to be honest!  As such, can anyone suggest a good way of converting the files I have into a format suitable for editing with my specs in Elements 10?


      I will keep copies in HD format for the future (when I may have a better PC etc), but right now I just want to edit stuff for simple home movies and short fun films, I don't care about best ever quality, so long as it looks ok on a telly when played.


      Thanks in advance!