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    Cross Refs between chapters not hyperlinked (RH10/FM11)

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      This week I installed ATS 4.0 to determine if it would resolve some issues I was having with my new single sourced project.  Happily it installed easily and I was eventually able to resolve all the mapping issues with nested bullets and numbered sequences.  The one issue I still cannot solve, though, I think is a bug. I wanted to post here to see if anyone else has encountered it because I cannot believe it's not popped already. It seems to be something that occurred in the past with structured FrameMaker and some other posters have mentioned similar cases that dont have resolution.


      My project file is one book with a handful of chapters with output to WebHelp.  I have xrefs within each chapter and between the chapters.  This project, with RH9 and FM11, handled the between chapter links well (although it also has a problem I have not solved of not actually  mapping the style properly...cannot get rid of the page numbers in my xrefs).  The links within and between chapters worked fine.


      I copied the project  to a new location (the RH source and the FM source files) so I'd be working with a separate set for the new RH/FM versions. I opened the files fine in the new versions and spent about a day or two learning about the new versions and redoing style mappings.  The only sticking point is the xrefs which now dont work between chapters in the same book. The style in FM is the same for either tag type, I've mapped them all to just <paratext>.  Oddly, the mappings work nicely now in the new version ...the page numbers go away and I only get <paratext>. But this is only true for within chapter links.  The cross chapter links get an <a> tag without the href and they still have the source styling including page number. 


      I've gone around in circles trying to figure out what I could have done to cause this and cannot figure it out.  I've even tried removing the "<Blue>" tag that's in the FM style in case the span tag is messing things up. No change. It is consistently the cross chapter links. I've opened all the .apj files to see if _any_ of them offer a clue ...i remain clueless.


      Attaching screenshots


      CSS from previous version (RH9/FM10). Notice the <a> tag has a lovely href embedded.




      Same source file with mappings redone mostly for bullets and lists. Double-checked that all my xref mappings are to <paratext> (a few xref styles that are not used are not mapped). Notice that the within chapter links are beautifully handled now - i get just the <paratext>.  The href tag is now missing from the between chapter links thruout the project.


      CSS for same source files using RH10/FM11.




      HELP.  So CLOSE!





      PS: For reference, here is the other posting that seems to relate but was "fixed" a while ago.




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