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    Versioning InCopy documents

    davehaigh Level 1

      Currently I work with a Word doc, uploaded to Sharepoint. This file is checked out and worked on and once it is saved back to its Sharepoint location, a version is saved. This allows someone to restore the most recent saved version back to a previous version or simply to see what changes have been made at each version in the history.


      I'm currently working with the InCopy CS6 free trial to understand its features and whether it will be suitable. I understand the checking in and out process that you get, but the ability to see a list of versions of a document doesn't seem to exist. Am I missing it? Does InCopy have a version history of a document that is being checked in and out, and resaved by multiple users?


      If there isn't an obvious built in versioning solution in InCopy then how do people go about keeping versions of a document with InCopy?


      Interested to hear what solutions have been tried and tested.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You’re not missing anything. Use track changes.





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            davehaigh Level 1

            Track changes just doesnt seem like it offers enough for what I need. I want a list of versions. The only options I can see are in the screenshot below, basically accept or reject individual changes.



            What I am trying to achieve is summarised below:

            • User A saves the document on Monday.
            • User B saves the document on Tuesday.
            • User A saves the document on Wednesday.
            • User C views it on Thursday and wants to see a list of those 3 versions in a "version history" and restore fully back to the state it was in after User A saved it on Monday.


            Is the above possible?

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              AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

              No, it isn't.


              I know it sounds like you'd be flying without a net, but I assure, you, tens of thousands of users are using the workflow as is, and they consider it a non-issue.


              If you move to a publishing CMS (based on ID/IC) like vJoon's K4 or Woodwing or PlanSystem, I think they do have some sort of versioning feature built in. But those systems typically start at $20K,  (more often are $50K-100K) not including their required dedicated server or the ID/IC software.



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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I supposed if it was that essential you could work out of a dropbox folder which keeps every version of every file.


                That said, I think you'd be opening up a pretty big can of worms with that kind of workflow.



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                  davehaigh Level 1

                  Hi AnneMarie. Thank you for those suggestions but for our operation at present, a $20K+ publishing system is beyond what we require. You never know in the future though!


                  For the time being i'm considering hosting the document on Sharepoint. Sharepoint keeps a version history of documents so in theory we could completely revert back to a state at a particular point in time. Have you ever heard of anyone using Sharepoint for this purpose? i.e. hosting a shared InCopy file. Can you see any negatives to doing this, i.e. would it clash with the check in/out InCopy process?


                  Obviously I will give it a go and see if it works, but thought you might know of any issues with this idea before I procede.

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                    AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

                    I've never heard of anyone successfully using Sharepoint w/an IC/ID workflow.  The reason is that the ID file and the IC files need to be in one central location that users on the network read from and write to, and Sharepoint doesn't support that for ID and/or IC files. If you use Sharepoint as a waystation for versions, the uploading/downloading of versions from Sharepoint to the network file server breaks the IC/ID workflow.



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                      davehaigh Level 1

                      I suspect the best option at the moment then is to physically make a copy of the InCopy document at certain times (e.g. before major updates are made to it) and then renaming this copied/archived version with a date prefix e.g. 'date-docname'.


                      Then if someone wants to revert back to that version we can simply rename the document we are currently linking to with a date prefix and then rename the chosen archived version by removing its date prefix so that it becomes the linked document..

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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        The best option is to use the workflow as intended. In my not so humble opinion I don’t see much in the way of an upside and way too much risk.




                        That said, it’s your risk to take.





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                          For simple versioning of documents I would suggest you to try dropbox for example, just remember to open the documents in your synchronized folder and not drag them to your desktop. There are many nice features for these types of services, you just need to dig in a little deeper to find them. Soonr even has a "lock file for me" feature, that would function very well as a check/in check/out function for a workgroup.