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    Crop Pages error - Page size may not be reduced


      I am using Adobe Acrobat 8 to make changes to PDF files.

      In Batch Processing -- Crop Pages it will not let me add a custom size. It says that the page size may not be reduced.

      I tried it two ways:

      1. With a document open that was 9.5in by 10.25in. Crop Page to 10in by 10.75in to create some space around the document. Did not work. Gave me page size errror.

      2. No document open. Set size to 10 by 10.75 with same page size error.


      I am able do the crop under Document -- Crop Pages. Works great, but I need a batch process for this.


      We created a Crop Pages process on other files and it worked just fine.

      Any ideas as to why it's not working now?