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    Interactive Indesign floor plan


      I'm looking to change from creating a tradeshow floor plan from Flash to an Illustrator/Indesign workflow.  However I'm having trouble getting a similar interaction in Indesign/Illusrator.

      Here is what I'm trying to replicate: http://www.imats.net/los/los_floor-plan.php

      I would like a roll over state to show a logo then disapear when on mouse roll off.  Also the images would be best not to embed and to link them from our server as a web page does.  I was thinkning about creating 70 layers to turn them off and on in a export to pdf, but the size and complexity issue is keeping me away from that.  I change the floorplans on a dayly basis, so keeping it as simple as possible once it is created is key.

      Any sugestions?  I'm open to any of the CS6 programs exept for Flash.  I'd like to design in Illustrator as it's precise but Indesign is just as usable.